release date February 02 2023
MAD Solutions to feature in Egyptian Shorts Program at Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Cultural Center with 6 films
MAD Solutions’ Egyptian Shorts Program is set to feature six films at Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Cultural Center (JACC) — which is also known as the Kuwait Opera House — on Tuesday, January 31st at 8 pm.
The movies are Adel Yehia's NADA, Mohamed El-Gohary's THE CIRCLE, Khaled Mansour's BERRIES ISLAND, Ahmed Wafik's BAN HOUR, Ramy El-Gabry's FROM INSIDE, and Ayman Abdelhameed's ZEINA.
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The JACC Theatre Independent Cinema Project is a comprehensive cinema space that offers a monthly program of independent cinema from around the world.
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Inspired by a true story, the movie NADA follows a deaf ballerina named Nada who loves life and has a passion for dancing. Nada never lets her disability get in her way, but it does for the first time when she tries to express her feelings for her colleague Omar — a blind pianist. 
Will both disabilities be a barrier to communication, or will they find a way to express their feelings for each other? Their final performance will reveal it all.
Directed and produced by Adel Yehia, who co-wrote the script with Karim Fahmy, NADA stars Amir Salah Eldein and May El-Ghaity. MAD Solutions is handling the film's distribution across the Arab world. 
Written, edited, and produced by Mohamed El-Gohary, THE CIRCLE depicts a typical day in the life of a private company employee, suffering from a hostile work environment and the brutality of capitalism, which puts him in a dilemma; should he be as cruel as everyone else or stay the same? 
The film stars Farouk Kassem, Gehad Hossam, and Mohamed Mady and is distributed in the Arab world by MAD Solutions
The storyline of the film centers on a mother telling her son before she dies about the souls of the dead that rise and rest with the moon. Feeling severe solitude following her death, the 11-year-old son tries to go and find his mother’s soul.
Starring Ahmed El-Sharnouby, Sara Derzawy, and Marwan Allam, BERRIES ISLAND is directed by Khaled Mansour, who also co-wrote the script with Mohamed El-Hosseiny and Mohamed Mahdy. MAD Solutions manages the movie's distribution across the Arab world. 
Set against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic, two young men and a woman break into their friend's house to steal his money. Things spiral out of control when they find themselves stuck at his house due to the mandatory lockdown.
Produced and directed by Ahmed Wafik, BAN HOUR is written by Karim Srouor and stars Mohamed Ezz, Amr Wahba, Eman Salama, and Magdy El-Bahaty. MAD Solutions handles the movie's distribution across the Arab world. 
The film follows a group of curious youngsters who are surprised to find out that an entertainer hides behind his costume. 
Directed and written by Ramy El-Gabry, FROM INSIDE stars Mostafa Hamdy and Habiba Gelel. MAD Solutions handles the film's distribution in the Arab world.
The film's plot follows Zeina — an Egyptian farmer who faces a lot of pressure from her husband and his family due to her infertility.
To save her own skin, she resorts to superstitions along with other means to get pregnant.
ZEINA is written and directed by Ayman Abdelhameed and stars Hager El-Sharnouby, Mohammed Ali, Islam Said, and Amal Eid. MAD Solutions is in charge of the film's distribution across the Arab world.