release date June 12 2023
MAD Solutions to feature 3 films at Casablanca Arab Film Festival
MAD Solutions’ distribution slate will be represented by three movies at the fourth edition of the Casablanca Arab Film Festival, which is scheduled to take place from June 16th to the 23 — Ward Kayyal's HAMZA: CHASING THE GHOST CHASING ME, Abedalsalam Alhaj’s ABED, and Mohamed Fawi's BUZZ.
Coming in first in the MAD lineup is HAMZA: CHASING THE GHOST CHASING ME, which will be screened in the presence of its director Ward Kayyal as well as actress Kholoud Tannous.
The film, which stars Kamel Al-Basha, Ruba Blal, Motaz Malhes and Khulood Basel, follows Hamza — a middle-aged man who refuses to abandon a routine he has kept since his release from an Israeli jail; he goes into the woods every day to chase a lion that the locals don't believe exists.
Despite his wife's pleadings and the villagers' contempt, Hamza sets his baits and traps in the forest, hoping to defeat the mysterious threat, finding refuge in his journey after each battle.
In the woods, Hamza is free to act according to his beliefs, fighting his own battle to heal an open wound and confront horrific memories of torture and guilt.
Next up is Abedalsalam Alhaj’s ABED, which follows a nine-year-old child who works with his abusive father in a restaurant. One night, he faces his extreme fear of darkness when he is forced to buy a pack of cigarettes for his father.
Directed and written by Abedalsalam Alhaj, the film stars Hisham Alomari, Mohammad Abuagoulah, and Ali Badrana.
Last but not least is BUZZ, which is directed by Mohamed Fawi — who also co-wrote the script with Ahmed Shaweesh and Noura Adil — and stars Jasour Abuelgasim, Zahra Mansour, and Ali Abdalgafar.
The film follows the story of a sick mother who watches her son and daughter prepare for her inevitable passing and their new reality as her health deteriorates.