release date November 11 2010
MAD Solutions at the 7th Dubai International Film Festival
The MAD Solutions team are arriving in Dubai on Saturday the 11th of December to take part in the 7th Dubai International Film Festival, commencing on the 12th enfing on the 19th of the same month. The team is made up of Film Analyst and Director of Content Alaa Karkouti, Director of Marketing Communication Dina Ezzat, Creative Director Maher Diab, and MAD Solutions Representative in Europe Shahla Karkouti.

‏The four MAD Solution clients taking part in the Dubai International Film Festival are:

‏Film Clinic: participating with the Egyptian film Microphone as part of the Muhr Arab competition for feature films. The company is also presenting the American movie Removal as part of World Cinema. Removal was coproduced by Mohamed Hefzy; founder of Film Clinic. In addition, Hefzy is taking part in a panel discussion about Cinema Coproduction in the Arab World. Moreover, Film Clinic is giving away a 10 thousand dollar debut feature award to a new and unique Arab cinema production that is competing in the Dubai Film Connection.

‏Ein Shams Films: taking part in the Dubai Film Market with the Egyptian film Hawi; written and directed by Ibrahim El Batout. Hawi premiered at the Doha Tribeca Film Festival held last October, where it received the Best Arab Film award. Ein Shams Films is also presenting its latest cinematic project Ali, the Goat within the Film Forum, and Ibrahim El Batout is taking part in an hour-long panel discussion entitled Freedom to Create.

‏Middle West Films: participating in the Film Forum with the documentary project In Search of Oil and Sand. In addition, the company's founder and director Wael Omar is taking part in a panel discussion titled An Eye on Egyptian Cinema.

United Motion Pictures: participating in the Dubai Film Market with the attendance of Chady Zeind; CEO in charge of distribution of United Motion Pictures, which is the sole agent of 20th Century Fox and Warner Bros in Egypt.

‏Dina Ezzat; Managing Partner and Marketing Communication Director at MAD Solutions, confirms, "The Dubai International Film Festival is an important event that we at MAD Solutions focus on for our clients. The presence of influential films like 678, Microphone and Hawi within the festival's programs endorses the role that we play in marketing such notable work throughout their different phases of production."

‏MAD Solutions specializes in setting the marketing strategies needed to promote cinematic productions in the Arab world and globally. In addition, the company designs and executes the promotional material needed for each film, including posters, websites and press kits, not to mention the PR and promotion of Clients in Arab and international markets and film festivals.

‏Maher Diab; Managing Partner and Creative Director of MAD Solutions, considers that, "A film that sends a powerful message, regardless of its country of origin, inspires an equally powerful design to promote it. Arab films have gotten better and better in recent times, and this is a fact that we have particularly noticed at MAD Solutions this year."

‏Besides marketing cinematic productions, MAD Solutions provides high quality content to several Arab organizations, inside and outside of Egypt. The company prepares and provides tens of news stories daily to several websites and publications in the Arab world, all through a highly professional team of journalists coming from diverse backgrounds and nationalities.

‏Shahla Karkouti; MAD Solutions representative in Europe, confirms, "In recent times, we at MAD Solutions have noticed that European and foreign markets have become more open to receiving and accepting Arab films. This was especially evident during the recent Cannes International Film Festival, the Montreal International Film Festival where we premiered The Ideal Family, as well as the Toronto International Film Festival where we premiered the Egyptian production Microphone."

‏MAD Solutions is considered the first company of its kind in the Arab world, specializing in marketing and promoting films and providing diverse content to different media channels. MAD Solutions is preparing to launch its new website in the beginning of 2011, promising that it will be the first of its kind in the Arab world.