MAD Solutions acquires the rights of Angeliena in the Arab world

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MAD Solutions acquires the rights of Angeliena in the Arab world

A modern day, post-apartheid South African movie, Angeliena, is set to premiere on Netflix globally on 8 October 2021. The star-studded cast follows the journey of formerly homeless parking attendant, Angeliena, who is diagnosed with a fatal disease and dares to put her lifelong dream of traveling the world into motion.

Angeliena's story is about self-love, making money, terminal illness, divorce, nature, friendships, hardships, poverty, travel, beauty, hot doctors, loving Nelson Mandela, loving plants, dreams and being GOOD ENOUGH.

Netflix's latest ‘Made in South Africa' title features actors from across the board from the local South African TV and film sector in leads, supporting roles and cameos by the likes of Euodia Samson, Tshamano Sebe, Colin Moss, Kuli Roberts, Thapelo Mokoena, Nicole Madell, Marciel Hopkins, Schalk Bezuidenhout, Sandra Prinsloo and Toya Delazy just to highlight a few.

Written, produced and directed by the acclaimed, multi award-winning South African filmmaker, Uga Carlini, following her award-winning, hybrid feature, Alison, returns with her debut fiction film, and shares: "Angeliena is an authentic, South African story that narrates its way through Nelson Mandela's present day rainbow nation, to show us a side to the country and her people we haven't seen before. A homage to the footprints that this country and her good people are leaving behind for all of us, to try on for size."

Africa's Amelie. Our Ubuntu.
If your dreams don't scare you, they’re not big enough.
Friendship is more important than revenge.
Never judge a bum by her cover.
Self-love is the greatest middle finger.
Love yourself so fiercely, that when others see you, they know how it should be done.

A Towerkop Creations production in association with the NFVF, DTIC and Mad Solutions with SAFTA winning producer, Dumi Gumbi, consulting producers Vlokkie Gordon and Himesh Kar, and executive producers Erik Toft, Rudolf Buitendach, Anton Nel, Faizal Cader and Khulekani Dlamini; tells the story of Angeliena through humor, heartbreak, and dashes of whimsical visual magic. This dramedy makes full use of the power of assumption while navigating its way through the socioeconomic heart and soul of the new South Africa. A movie that promises to capture the hearts of many globally, save the date to be the first to watch Angeliena on its premiere date, Friday, 8 October 2021.