release date September 19 2015
MAD Solutions Snaps It's Second TIFF Title With The Arab World Distro Rights For Brahimi's Let Them Come
On the eve of its screening at TIFF 2015, MAD announced the acquisition of Salem Brahimi's first feature, Let Them Come. The film is a French-Algerian production and is produced by Michèle Ray Gavras and legendary film director, Costa-Gavras.

Let Them Come, or as the original title goes, "Maintenant Ils Peuvent Venir" is an adaptation of Arezki Mellal's novel, and revolves around a family that must defend itself amidst the onslaught of violence between government forces and radical Islamists in 1990s Algeria.

Alaa Karkouti, Co-Founder and Managing Partner MAD Solutions remarked on the importance of this acquisition: "The Arab world is awash with horrific stories, that come with a deluge of blood and terror, but rarely has this reality been represented in a film as powerfully as it has been in Let Them Come. Salem's debut fiction feature is the first to tackle the dark decades in Algeria, so forcefully that it has shocked the audiences in TIFF. It is a film everyone must see."

"I'm delighted that Let Them Come will be handled by MAD Solutions for the Arab World. Their approach to distribution in the Arab World, their understanding of each territory and their dedication and understanding of the film make the MAD Solutions team the ideal partner for "Let Them Come" commented Michèle Ray Gavras.

Salem Brahimi added:"I feel very strongly about making this film available to audiences in the Arab World. Let Them Come is not only about a family in Algeria in the 90s. It is a film about today, and about the present plight of too many families in too many countries in our part of the world. I look forward to working with MAD Solutions in bringing this story to our region."

Salem Brahimi was born in London and is of Algerian heritage. His directorial credits include the documentaries Africa is Back (10) and Abd El-Kader (14). Let Them Come (15) is his fiction feature debut.

Let Them Come is part of TIFF's Contemporary World Cinema lineup. It's third screening is on Saturday September 19th at Scotiabank Theatre - Scotiabank 9 at 6:00 pm.