release date May 22 2015
MAD Solutions Signs Agreement with Arab Cinema in Sweden for Film Distribution in Scandinavian Countries
Once again, the collaboration with Arab Cinema Center will help support the film industry in the Arab world. MAD Solutions has signed an agreement with Arab Cinema in Sweden (ACIS) to open new venues for Arab film distribution in Europe. According to the agreement, MAD Solutions will now be the official and exclusive representative for ACIS in the Arab world and will be responsible for selecting and nominating Arab films for release in Scandinavian countries (Denmark, Norway, and Sweden). The deal was announced during this year's Cannes Film Festival at the Arab Cinema Center, which is organized by MAD Solutions at the Festival's Film Market.

Commenting on the deal, Alaa Karkouti, Founder and Managing Parner of MAD Solutions, said, "Based on a previous collaborative experience with Arab Cinema in Sweden (ACIS), we are very confident that the deal will open new markets for Arab films, which in turn will create more revenue for the films that we will co-distribute. This will add some balance to the issue of production risk which currently faces the film industry in the Arab world."

ACIS is the institution responsible for distribution within the Malmo Arab Film Festival. ACIS has previously collaborated with MAD Solutions on the release of Factory Girl in commercial cinemas in 19 Swedish cities in April 2014. MAD Solutions currently owns the film's regional and international distribution rights.

Mouhamed Keblawi, General Manager of the Malmo Arab Film Festival, pointed out the effect of this successful venture, "Previously, a successful collaboration between ACIS and MAD took place by distributing Factory Girl. That wonderful experience was the first time that an Arab film was screened in 20 Swedish theatres, which is what encouraged us to sign this new agreement with MAD to be our only representative in the Arab world."

According to the terms of the agreement, MAD Solutions will organize an edition of Arab Cinema Center at the film market held within the Malmo Arab Film Festival (2-6 October 2015). "It is wonderful that this agreement coincides with the inauguration of the first Arab forum and market held within the fifth round of the Malmo Arab Film Festival. It's an opportunity for Arab Cinema Center (ACC) to resume its activities which began at the Berlin Festival and continued during the Cannes Film Festival and will now move onto the Malmo Arab Film Festival. In the end, this collaboration will be very beneficial for Arab cinema. We fell in love with our cinema and culture, that is why we are opening new venues for Arab cinema and culture in Scandinavian markets. I am hopeful that Arab cinema will spread in the Scandinavian region in the years to come." Keblawi said.

Arab Cinema Center (ACC)is an international platform for promoting Arab cinema. It is organized by MAD Solutions as part of its strategy to support and promote the film industry in the Arab world on the long run. The Center offers Arab filmmakers a professional opportunity to connect with the international film industry through a number of events that encourage networking with representatives of institutions and companies in the field of co-production, international distribution, among others.