release date October 13 2016
MAD Solutions Sends Three Films to the Days of Cinema Festival in Palestine
MAD Solutions has revealed the news on sending three of its films to the 3rd edition of Days of Cinema Festival in Palestine (15-21 October). The three MAD films are; director Karim Hanafy's The Gate of Departure; director Rifqi Assaf's The Curve; and director Omar Shargawi's Al Medina.

Days of Cinema is an annual event promoting local and international films, organized by Film Lab every October across several venues in different cities within Palestine. Since 2014, the festival has been dedicated to a unique program of renowned international film screenings for adults and children, along with panel discussions, professional filmmaking workshops, specialized programs for children, and networking opportunities. Next to cities like Ramallah and Jenin, the festival's main focus is Jerusalem.

About The Gate of Departure:
Written and directed by Karim Hanafy, The Gate of Departure stars Salwa Khattab, Ahmed Magdy, Amaal Abdel Hady and Shams Labib. The film is produced by Khaial Art Production with support from Egypt's Ministry of Culture.MAD Solutions is handling the film's distribution through the Arab world.

"You, who have always been here, you will be everywhere." The Gate of Departure is a story of a prophecy that has always haunted a son growing to manhood in his mother's desolated home. The son is unable to begin his journey beyond the boundaries of these walls repressed by feelings of guilt towards his mother, who chooses to imprison herself for the rest of her life, guarding her only son as she helplessly witnesses her beauty slipping away day by day. The sorrowful mother refuses to let go of the gift that life has granted her. Only a whirlwind of painful dreams that pave the way for her son's departure teaches her to accept her eternal solitude, thus opening the door for him to begin his long journey to himself.

About The Curve:
Written and directed by Rifqi Assaf, The Curve stars Palestinian star Ashraf Barhoum, Syrian actress Fatina Layla, Lebanese actor Mazen Moadam and Jordanian Ashraf Telfah. The film is a joint production between Jordanian Rula Nasser (The Imaginarium Films), Egyptian Mohamed Hefzy (Film Clinic) and French Xénia Maingo (Eaux Vives Productions). MAD Solutions is handling the film's distribution and marketing worldwide.

The Curve is about Radi, who leads a reclusive life in his own van, finds himself on a road trip with three strangers that alters his clockwork and very private lifestyle.

About Al Medina:
Written and directed by Omar Shargawi, Al Medina is a co-production between Rula Nasser (The Imaginarium) and Danish producers Tomas Radoor and Rene Ezra (Nordisk Film Production). The film's Arab world distribution and marketing is assigned to MAD Distributions.

Al Medina tells the story of Yusif who decides to come back along with his Danish pregnant wife Sarah to his home town Al Medina. His God fearing heart is following a dream of returning to his roots searching for peace and happiness with his wife and unborn child. Yet only when he kills a beggar boy, by mistake, his life changes and this throws him into the dark side of his own home town.
Along with Omar Shargawi, Al Medina stars Ashraf Farah, Ghazal, Sara HjortDitlevsen, Hassan Shaer, NaderaOmran,Majida Al Bashayreh, Makram Khoury, Siham Al Kurdi, and Ali Elian.

Screening Times of MAD Solutions' Films at the Days of Cinema Festival (GMT 3+)

The Curve:
Sunday, October 16th at the Yabus Cultural Centre in Jerusalem, at 08:00 pm
The Gate of Departure:
Tuesday, October 18th at the Palestinian Medical Relief Society (PMRS) in Ramallah, at 06:00 pm
Al Medina:
Wednesday, October 19th at the Palestinian Medical Relief Society (PMRS) in Ramallah, at 08:00 pm