release date March 31 2021
MAD Solutions Sends Four Films to Alexandria Short Film Festival
MAD Solutions sends four short films from its distribution list to take part in the upcoming edition of the Alexandria Short Film Festival that is taking place from 5 to 10 April. The selected MAD films are Going South (Ertidad) by director Mohammed Alhamoud, Bond (Silah) by Hussam Alhulwah, Barakat by Manon Nammour and The Ghosts We Left at Home (Ahinu Elayk wa Ahinu Elai) by Faris Alrjoob.

Alexandria Short Film Festival is an annual festival held in April in Alexandria. It was founded and organized by the Da'rat Al Fann Association. Its aim is to spread the culture of the short film and establish an exchange between Arab cultures. The festival also organizes free workshops and seminars throughout the year.

The upcoming edition showcases 36 films from across 18 countries, including world, Arab and North African premieres.

About Goin South (Ertidad):

A newlywed couple pays their first visit to the groom’s hometown in a small Southern Saudi village where they will celebrate their marriage. Nervous and desperate for her in-laws’ approval, the bride, Aya, makes a daring choice, while her husband Nader tries to cope with the consequences. The new relationship is put under its first test.

Starring Fatima Albanawi and Ayman Mutahar, the film received a funding grant from the King Abdul Aziz Center for World Culture (Ithra) after winning the Saudi Film Days in 2017. It was entirely shot in Al Hasamah, a village in Jizan Province, in south-western Saudi Arabia. Additionally, MAD Solutions handles the film’s distribution across the Arab world.

About Silah (Bond):

Khaled and his father represent two very different generations of contemporary Saudi society. When Khaled’s mother is hospitalized, the two start to find themselves physically closer than usual, but at the same time never further apart emotionally. With so little in common, Khaled’s father becomes fixated on his son’s religious obligations which only deepens their disconnection.

Directed and written by Hussam Alhulwah, the film stars Mohammed Alyaya and Nasser Alrubiaan and is produced by Mohammed Alhamoud and Hussam Alhulwah. The film landed its world premiere at Saudi Film Festival where it won Golden Palm for Best Director Award and took part in Tampere Film Festival. Furthermore, MAD Solutions handles the film’s distribution across the Arab world.

About Barakat:

People hold the memory of their cities, and vice versa. After-war, modern Beirut and its people have lost their anchors towards a memoryless relationship. Vacant luxury stores and overpriced unoccupied apartments have made the rebuilt city a costly monument of vanity, commodified heritage, and social-delusion.

Written and directed by Manon Nammour, Barakat stars Mounir Maasri, Rudy Ghafari and Camile Salame. The film also took part in many international festivals, including Toronto International Film Festival, Tampere Film Festival, Glasgow Short Film Festival, and International Short Film Festival of Cyprus. MAD Solutions handles the film’s distribution in the Arab world.

About The Ghosts We Left at Home (Ahinu Elayk wa Ahinu Elai):

The Ghosts We Left at Home is a raw and intimate portrayal of a man, and a city, doomed and in exile, and sinking to hit rock bottom. It plays in the margin of reality, where forces of the masculine and the feminine alternate, merge, attract and repel.

Written and directed by Faris Alrjoob, the film stars Nadeem Rimawi, Mohamed Nizar and Maisa Abdelhadi. The Ghosts We Left at Home took part in several international festivals, including Malmö Arab Film Festival, Amman International Film Festival/Amman, Jordan, Red Sea International Film Festival, KSA and International Short Film Festival Oberhausen. MAD Solutions handles the film’s distribution across the Arab world.