release date January 29 2019
MAD Solutions Sends Five Films to L'Heure D'Hiver in Brussels
MAD Solutions sends five films to the L'Heure D'Hiver in Brussels, Belgium that will be held from January 23 to February 25. The festival is celebrating the Egyptian capital of Cairo through screening four feature films; Harag W' Marag by Nadine Khan, Coming Forth by Day by Hala Lotfy, Clash by Mohamed Diab, and Sheikh Jackson by Amr Salama, and the documentary Underground/On the Surface by Salma Al Tarzi. The films will include English subtitles.

The new version of L'Heure D'Hiver offers the opportunity to immerse in Egyptian cinema, which has not stopped developing as it passes through many historical events, and reflects these transformations intimately.

About Underground/On the Surface:

Underground/On the Surface is a documentary that traces the rise of the Mahraganat music genre by closely following the lives of Okka and Ortega, and their journey to the groundbreaking success. The film is directed by Salma Al Tarzi and received the Muhr Arab Award for Best Director Salma El Tarzi at the Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF) in 2013. MAD Solutions is handling the film's distribution all over the world.

Screening time: Tuesday, February 19, at 07:00 pm (GMT +1) at Cinema Aventure.

About Harag W' Marag:

Marking Nadine Khan's feature directorial debut, Harag W' Marag is produced and edited by Dina Farouk. The film is written by Khan, with a script by Mohamed Nasser, stars Ayten Amer, Mohamed Farrag, and Ramsi Lehner, produced by Wika Film Production and distributed by MAD Solutions.

Harag W' Marag (Chaos, Disorder) is a social drama that tells the story of lost love in a controversial setting; Zaki (Farrag), Mounir (Lehner) and Manal (Ayten Amer) are in their twenties, and living in a confined community where basic needs are met yet chaos and disorder brew. The two boys are in love with the same girl who finds herself the subject of a bet for a football match between them, the winner marries Manal. This story reflects a football and play-station youth and how they deal with their emotions in a community that is increasingly closed off and isolated.

Screening time: Monday, February 11, at 07:00 pm (GMT +1) at Cinema Galeries.

About Coming Forth by Day:

Coming Forth by Day is directed and written by Hala Lotfy and produced by Hassala Films, in collaboration with NY Consultancy. Coming Forth by Day tells the story of a poor family living in a shabby neighborhood on the outskirts of Cairo. The pillar of the family, a single 30-year-old woman (Donia Maher), finds it difficult to express her feelings and dreams, while she spends her time only taking care of her wheelchair-bound father (Ahmed Lotfy) and mother (Salma Al-Naggar) who works as a nurse. The film is distributed by MAD Solutions through the Arab world.

Screening time: Sunday, February 3, at 07:30 pm (GMT +1) at Cinema Aventure.

About Clash:

Clash is a joint production effort between: Film Clinic (Egypt), Sampek Productions (France), and Acamedia Global (UAE), in association with ARTE France Cinema (France), Niko Film (Germany), Fortress Film Clinic (UAE) and Pyramide International (France). The film is marketed by MAD Solutions.

Tackling the political unrest that prevailed in Egypt in 2013, Clash's events take place in an 8-meter police truck, crammed with detainees representing different sects of society, their interaction with each other full of madness, violence, romance, and comedy. Co-written by Khaled Diab and Mohamed Diab, who is also the director, Clash is a co-production between France, Egypt, Germany, and the UAE. The cast includes Nelly Karim, Tarek Abd El Aziz, Hany Adel, Ahmed Malek, Ashraf Hamdi, Mohamed Abdel Azim, Gamil Barsoum and others.

Screening time: Tuesday, February 12, at 07:30 pm (GMT +1) at Cinema Aventure.

About Sheikh Jackson:

The events of the film take us back to June 25, 2009 as the news of Michael Jackson's death took the world by storm affecting many, especially a preacher who is dubbed "Jackson" during his school days. But, what does a preacher have in common with the King of Pop? More importantly, can he now go back to his normal life, or will his memories and relationships with his loved ones raise the most prominent question in his mind? Is he the Sheikh, Jackson, or both?

Sheikh Jackson is written and directed by Amr Salama and co-written by Omar Khaled. The film stars Ahmad Al Fishawy, Maged El Kedwany, Ahmed Malek, along with guest stars Amina Khalil, Dorra,Basma and Mahmoud El Bezawy. The German company Media Luna is responsible for distributing the film outside the Arab world, while Cleopatra Entertainment acquired the film's screening rights in North America planning to release it in theaters in the first quarter of 2018. MAD Solutions is handling the Sheikh Jackson's marketing and designed its poster that is used regionally and internationally.

Screening time: Sunday, February 17, at 03:00 pm (GMT +1) at ATELIER 210.