release date February 24 2022
MAD Solutions Sends 10 Films to International Short and Independent Film Festival, Dhaka in Bangladesh
MAD Solutions shall take part in the 16th edition of International Short and Independent Film Festival, Dhaka in Bangladesh (February 25th - March 4th).
The 10 short films that shall join the festival are ; Zeina by director Ayman Abdelhameed, 18/11 by Medhat Maged, Customary Session by Elhamy Fyroz, Samia by Hamza Al Khatib, An Attempt by Pamela Nassour, Mosul 980 by Ali Mohammed Saeed, Truce by Saleh Khataybeh, Idris by Bachir Abou Zeid, Unspoken by Mohammed Alghadhban, and Arnoos by Samer Battikhi.
About 18/11:
The film follows a story of a woman with sleepwalking disorder who was accused of murdering her unfaithful husband. Did she kill him while sleeping or was she conscious? Only the young servant can help in this case as she was the only witness.
Directed by Medhat Maged and written by Mohamed Abdallah, 18/11 stars Gehan Anwar, Lama Kutkut, Ali Shawki, and Kareem Sorour. MAD Solutions handles the film’s distribution.
About Zeina:
Zeina is an Egyptian farmer who faces a lot of pressure coming from her husband and his family due to her infertility. To save herself, she resorts to superstitions along with other means to get pregnant.
Written and directed by Ayman Abdelhameed, Zeina stars Hager Elsharnouby, Mohammed Ali, Islam Said, and Amal Eid. MAD Solutions handles the film’s distribution across the Arab world.
About Customary Session:
A housewife who lives in a popular district discovers that she has AIDS, transmitted to her by her husband, a drug addict. Fearing infection, everyone in the neighborhood will agree on expelling them. 
Written and directed by Elhamy Fyroz, Customary Session stars Mahmod Fares, Yara Mahdy and Manal Yousry. It’s lensed by Crolos talat and edited by Nada Elsbaay. MAD Solutions handles the film’s distribution. 
About Samia:
Samia, a young aspiring dancer, is diagnosed with cancer and after undergoing treatment, her mental and physical state detortiarates. In the meanwhile, her husband tries to support her and lift up her spirit.
Written and directed by Hamza Al Khatib, the film Samia stars Hayat Abu Samra as Samia and Is’haq
Elias as Samia’s
husband. Previously, Is’haq appeared in several remarkable works, including Netflix original series: (Messiah) and (Mosul). The film is produced by Abu Lughod Studios, a member of the Arab
Media Network – AMN, a leading
media and entertainment company based in Jordan, in support of the Royal Film Commission-Jordan. MAD Solution handles the film’s distribution. 
About An Attempt:
Just like all the Lebanese people, Alfred, a high-school teacher, tries to adapt to the new socio-political situation caused by the Lebanese October Revolution. Bombarded by the media, he ends up joining his students on the field to protest, in an attempt to change.
Written, directed and produced by Pamela Nassour, An Attempt stars Josef Chemaly and Antonio Chedid, and features Editor and DOP Moris Zoghby. MAD Solutions handles the film’s distribution across the Arab world.
About Mosul 980:
A 17-year-old kidnapped Yazidi girl disguised in ISIS uniform tries to escape form ISIS. She finds no way to break free, but a military vehicle set on explosives.
Directed by Ali Mohammed Saeed, and written by Mustafa Sattar Jabbar, Mosul 980 stars Redhab Ahmad and Mohanad Hayal. MAD Solutions handles the film’s distribution across the Arab world.
About Truce:
The power of destiny put together two strangers, a car, and a donkey in the middle of the Jordanian desert. The two men are totally from different worlds. Over a silly misunderstanding, they start a fight which turns to be a life-or-death situation, during a journey where they struggle to stay human.
Truce received the Jordan Film Fund’s (JFF) support. It is written and directed by Saleh Khataybeh, stars Hasan Alhwetat and Ishaq Elias, and features DOP Ahmad Saif. MAD Solutions handles the film’s distribution in the Arab world.
About Idris:
Upon his return home, a young shepherd discovers that one of his sheep is missing. Fearful of punishment, he sets off with his friend in an attempt to find it. Danger escalates when they find themselves trapped in a forest full of landmines.
Written and directed by Bachir Abou Zeid, Idris stars Fouade Salame and Karim Maanaki, and is produced by Al Manar High Institute and Beirut Film Institute. MAD Solutions handles the film’s distribution in the Arab world.
About Unspoken:
Hadhima is a 15-year-old girl who lives in the Iraqi countryside. Her mother passes away as a child, thus she moves to live with her father where she’s treated as a maid, not as his daughter. One day, when things get worse, she will make one bold decision.
Written and directed by Mohammed Alghadhban, Unspoken stars Asaad Abdulmajeed, Nayan Altalabani, Noor Alhuda, and Om Ali. It is produced by Rola Films & Enki Film Academy. MAD Solutions handles the film’s distribution in the Arab world.
About Arnoos:
On a normal day at a shopping square in Amman, Sami, a 15- year- old spoiled naive kid, along with Mahmoud the 15 year -old street-smart hustler and corn seller are ready to execute their plan and steal a surprise gift in order to impress Sami’s girlfriend; unaware of the uncalculated twists that are coming their way from the shop owners.
Written and directed by Samer Battikhi, Arnoos stars Saba Mubarak, Ahmed Al Omari, Ziad Bakri, Fadi Haddadin, and Mohammed Idris. It’s produced by Pan East Media and Sierra Bravo Productions and is distributed across the Arab world by MAD Solutions.