release date October 13 2018
MAD Solutions Screens Three Films at the Ishbilia Theatre and Art-Hub in October
Ishbilia Theatre and Art-Hub in Saida, Lebanon will screen three films distributed by MAD Solutions during October, 2018. The films are Heaven Sent (Tombé du Ciel) by director Wisam Charaf, Harag W' Marag (Chaos, Disorder) by Nadine Khan and Ya Omri (104 Wrinkles) by Hady Zaccak. This comes a few days after MAD Solutions signed an agreement with the Ishbilia Theatre and Art-Hub.

Ishbilia Theatre and Art-Hub is the first independent art house in Saida, Lebanon. It aims to promote art decentralization, encourage different forms of art and support independent artists. For more information about Ishbilia Theatre and Art-Hub, please follow the link below:

About Heaven Sent:

Heaven Sent had its world premiere at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival,within the Association du Cinéma Indépendant pour sa Diffusion (ACID).The film also screened at the Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF). After 20 years apart, Samir a former militiaman who was presumed dead reappears in the life of Omar, his little brother who has become a bodyguard in Beirut. Between drama and comedy, Samir has to come to terms with a country he no longer recognizes.

Scripted by Mariette Désert and the film's director Wissam Charaf, Heaven Sent stars Raed Yassin, Said Serhan, Yumna Marwan, Rodrigue Sleiman and George Melki. The film is a Lebanese-French co-production through Aurora Films and Né à Beyrouth.

About Ya Omri (104 Wrinkles):

Director Hady Zaccak follows his grandmother Henriette as she ages and crosses the centenarian milestone to reach 104 years. He witnesses the transformation of her memory, her emigration from Lebanon to Brazil and the stories of love, children and suspended time. The film is written and directed by Hady Zaccak, produced by ZAC Films and distributed in the Arab world by MAD Solutions.
Ya Omri (104 Wrinkles) won several awards, including the Jury Award at the Malmö Arab Film Festival (MAFF) in Sweden, the Silver FIFOG Prize at the International Oriental Film Festival of Geneva (FIFOG) and the Award of Merit at the Docs Without Borders Film Festival in Nassau, USA. The film got selected at many international film festivals and landed its world premiere at the 2016 Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF), where it competed within the Muhr Feature Competition.

Screening Time: Friday, October 19 at 07:30 PM (GMT +2)

About Harag W' Marag (Chaos, Disorder):

Produced and edited by Dina Farouk, Harag W' Marag (Chaos, Disorder) is Nadine Khan's feature film directorial debut. Khan penned the story herself, while the screenplay is written by Mohamed Nasser. The film stars Ayten Amer, Mohamed Farag, Ramsi Lehner, Hani El Metennawy, Osama Attia, great actor Sabry Abdel Menem and Sayed Ragab. Harag W' Marag is produced by WIKA Production & Distribution and is distributed worldwide by MAD Solutions.

Harag W' Marag is a social drama that tells the story of lost love in a controversial setting; Zaki (Farrag), Mounir (Lehner) and Manal (Ayten Amer) are in their twenties, and living in a confined community where basic needs are met yet chaos and disorder brew. The two boys are in love with the same girl who finds herself the subject of a bet for a football match between them, the winner marries Manal. This story reflects a football and play-station youth and how they deal with their emotions in a community that is increasingly closed off and isolated.

Screening Time: Friday, October 26 at 07:30 PM (GMT +2)