release date September 29 2019
MAD Solutions Screens Three Films at the Arab Film Festival Tubingen in Germany
Three films distributed by MAD Solutions will take part in the 15th Arab Film Festival Tübingen in Germany(October 4-12). The films are: the Saudi film Roll'em by Abdulelah Alqurashi, Moroccan film Kilkis...The Town of Owls by Azlarabe Alaoui,and the Egyptian film Between Two Seas by Anas Tolba.
Arab Film Festival Tübingen is the most important and oldest forum for Arab films in German speaking countries since 2005. The festival includes an extensive film program that screens more than 100 Arab films, varying between features, shorts, and documentaries.

About Roll'em:

Roll'em is an independent film with a Saudi cast and crew. The film has recently won the Best Film Award at the 1st Al Ain Film Festival. Roll'em marked the first Saudi film to commercially release in Saudi theaters. The film was released in VOX Cinemas in Jeddah and Riyadh last March.

The film tells the story of Omar Nizar, a filmmaker in his early thirties. He is trying to make a film about Jeddah, but Omar is unaware of what Jeddah means to him and the difficulties of filmmaking in the Kingdom until he gets to know the 70-year-old DOP, Farid Lotfy who gave up his passion for cinematography is devoted to his antiques shop.

Written and directed by Abdulelah Alqurashi, co-written by Yaser Hammad, Roll'em stars Khaled Yeslam, Shaher Al Qurashi and Sarah Taibah. MAD Solutions distributes the film across the Arab world.

About Between Two Seas:

Between Two Seas by director Anas Tolba won six awards so far, including Best Director to Anas Tolba and Best Script at the Festival International du Cinéma de la Diversité Taza in Morocco, Best Narrative Feature and a Certificate of Outstanding Achievement in Screenplay at the Brooklyn Film Festival, Nut Award for Best Film that addresses women's issues, and the Best Director award, presented by the Cinema Professions Syndicate, during its world premiere at the Aswan International Women Film Festival (AIWFF). Celebrating its success at international film festivals, Between Two Seas screened at an event organized by the National Council for Women in collaboration with UN Women at Zawya Cinema.

While on a short visit to her home village, a small rural island near Cairo, Zahra's daughter is exposed to a tragic accident. Following this incident, Zahra persists on getting her daughter's right and insists on not only continuing her education but also benefiting her community. The film sheds light on different societal issues faced by women, especially in rural areas.

Directed by Anas Tolba and written by Mariam Naoum,based on a script by Amany El Tounsy and Karim El Dalil, Between Two Seas stars Fatma Adel, Yara Goubran, Tharaa Goubail, Mahmoud Fares, Arfa Abdel Rassoul,and Lobna Wanas. The film is produced by Axeer, and executive produced by Abdelrahman Al Garwani in collaboration with the National Council for Women and UN Women. MAD Solutions handles the film's promotion and distribution in the Arab world.

About Kilkis...The Town of Owls:

The film's events take place at the Town of Owls, an isolated residential community situated in the High Atlas Mountains. It is inhabited by families and guards of a secret political prison camp, which remained out of history for a long time until the early 1990s. The Town of Owls is in fact a titanic prison in which everyone, including guards and residents, are held detainees.

Kilkis...The Town of Owls was released in Moroccan theaters on September 4 and recently screened at the Verona International Film Festival in Italy and the Manarat Mediterranean Film Festival in Tunisia. The film won the Al-Quds Grand Prize for Best Artistic Production, along with a Special Mention for Best Production Design at the34th Alexandria Mediterranean Countries Film Festival. The film world premiered at the Oran International Arabic Film Festival, where it won the Best Director award. It also got selected at a number of film festivals, including the Austrian Independent Film Festival, Festival CinéAlma in France, where it won the Second Best Feature Film in the festival's Official Competition, and the Rome International Film Festival (RIFF) in Italy.

Written and directed by Azalarabe Alaoui, Kilkis...The Town of Owls stars Med Rzin, Amin Ennaji, Hassan Badida, Kamal Elkademi and Asmae Srioui. MAD Solutions handles the film's distribution.