release date August 22 2016
MAD Solutions Releases My Love Awaits Me by the Sea in Zawya
After a successful tour at world festivals and receiving five awards, MAD Solutions will release the Palestinian documentary My Love Awaits Me by the Sea by Mais Darwazah in
Zaywa cinema with the presence of the film's director on Thursday, the 23rd of August.

My Love Awaits Me by the Sea is Mais Darwazah's debut feature-length documentary which is inspired by the artist/writer Hasan Hourani's wondrous reveries, this poetic, first-person essay chronicles filmmaker Mais Darwazah's first-ever visit to her homeland, Palestine.

This film pays tribute to Hasan Hourani, a Palestinian artist who, with his imagination, rises above the Occupation. Hourani completed "Hasan is Everywhere", a children's book of illustration and poetry, just before his tragic death by drowning in the forbidden sea of Jaffa in 2003.

Fairytale and reality are woven together to ask the question of "How do you return to a place that only exists in your mind?", "How do you keep fighting for life when you're surrounded by so much death?", "How can you continue believing in a dream when the outside world lives another reality?" And "how can you own your version of the truth when history has taken it from you?"

Since its release, My Love Awaits Me By the Sea took part in several international film festivals across the world and garnered manifold awards including; the Special Jury Award for Best Feature- length Documentary at the 17th Ismailia International Film Festival for Documentaries and Shorts; the Best Documentary Award at Med Film Festival, within the
International Section; the Golden Linx Award for Best Feature Documentary at New Directors New Films Festival in Portugal, the Grand Prize within the International Section at
Femina: Festival Internacional de Cinema Feminino (Women's International Film & Arts Festival) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.