release date October 28 2022
MAD Solutions Lands 3 Shorts At the Red Sea International Film Festival
The Red Sea International Film Festival (RedSeaIFF) has announced the participation of three short films from MAD Solutions' distribution slate in the festival’s second edition, scheduled to run from 1-10 December in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and will include 120 films from around the world.
MATCHSTICK by Salma Murad, LUCKY YOU'RE MINE by Noura Abushosha, and CASTING by Ali Basaeed, each landing their world premieres at the festival, are the MAD Solutions short films confirmed thus far as part of the New Cinema/New Saudi section, 16 Saudi shorts comprising 11 world premieres and 5 international premieres. 
About MATCHSTICK (Kabreet):
Directed and written by Salma Murad and starring Naif AlDaferi and Nawwaf AlDaferi, MATCHSTICK (Kabreet) follows the story of Osama, a young man in a quarrel between his emotions and memory as he tries to find a thread leading to answers. He tries to awaken a part of himself that gives him the reason but his reasoning is brutal, maybe even abusive.
Directed and produced by Ali Basaeed, CASTING focuses on a man’s frustration caused by the interference of people in his personal life. His attempt to try to distance himself from them only finds him in a deeper struggle. 
Directed and written by Noura Abushosha, LUCKY YOU’RE MINE, starring Raghd Faisal and Hasan Qudus, is a story about modern Saudi marriage. Just days after newlyweds Ahmad and Salma get married, Salma has a bipolar manic episode following the sudden death of her mother. Ahmad is determined to stand by his wife, but the couple finds themselves at a crossroads and unable to talk. Will their marriage withstand its first test?