release date March 23 2022
MAD Solutions Competes with Three Films at Arabsik Filmfest in Norway
Three of MAD Solutions films will compete in the official competition at Arabsik Filmfest in Norway, which runs from March 31 to April 1, with three films: the Egyptian film ‘Trapped,’ directed by Manal Khaled, the Iraqi film ‘Haifa Street,’ directed by Mohanad Hayal, and the Lebanese film ‘Mafkoud,’ directed by Bachir Abou Zeid.
About Trapped:
The storyline of the film follows a group of women coming from different social backgrounds who find themselves trapped by their own quest for freedom. The film tackles the broader sense of being trapped sometimes in one's thoughts, inner conflict and ideas. For entrapment is by all means not limited to concrete walls and shackles.
The film toured a number of international festivals, including Karama Human Rights Film Festival in Beirut, Palestine Cinema Days, Amman International Film Festival – Awal Film, Mostra de València –Cinema del Mediterrani, San Diego Arab Film Festival in USA, Arab and Mediterranean Film Festival of Catalonia, Karama Human Rights Film Festival in Jordan, and Festival de Cine por Mujeres, Madrid.
Trapped is directed and produced by Manal Khaled, screenplay by Manal Khaled and Rasha Azab, with a star-studded cast including, Caroline Khalil, Reem Higab, Osama Abo Al Ata, Ne’ma Mohsen, Mona Mokhtar, Tharaa Goubail, Rajwa Hamed, Zeina Mansour‎, Habiba Effat and Fadel El Garhy. MAD Solutions is in charge of the film’s distribution across the Arab world. 
Screening date: Saturday, April 2nd at 7:30 p.m. (GMT+1)
About Haifa Street: 
The film's storyline takes place in Baghdad in 2006, particularly on Haifa Street, which is one of the most dangerous places affected by the civil war and violence that has plagued the city. When Ahmed is dropped off there by a taxi on his way to his beloved Suad's house to ask for her hand in marriage, he gets shot by Salam, an anxious young sniper who is living his own personal hell on the rooftop above. Suad desperately tries to save Ahmed, but Salam prevents anyone from approaching him under the threat of gunfire. When her daughter Nadia elicits the help of their cunning neighbor, Dalal, all hell breaks loose under the ominous presence of the American occupation.
The film has garnered several international awards including The Golden Olive branch award for best feature film at the fifth edition of the Jerusalem International Film Festival, the Best Film award at the Busan International Film Festival, Laser Film award and HAKKA Distribution award at the Takmil Workshop of the Carthage Film Festival (JCC), Lab Award from the Asia Pacific Academy, Market Award at the Tribeca International Film Festival, and the Cinescape Award, presented by Front Row at the Dubai International Film Festival. Moreover, the film won a post-production grant from the Doha Film Institute. ‘Haifa Street,’ had its Arab world premiere at the Carthage Film Festival (JCC), where it received wide audience and critical acclaim, and landed its world its European premiere at Göteborg Film Festival in Sweden.
Directed by Mohanad Hayal, who co-wrote it with Hala Alsalman, Haifa Street stars Ali Thamer, Asad Abdulmajeed, Yumna Marwan, and Iman Abdulhassan, and produced by Sumerian Dream Productions. Wide Management handles the film's worldwide distribution, while MAD Solutions handles its distribution and marketing across the Arab world.
Screening date: Friday, April 1st at 8:30 p.m. (GMT+1)
About Mafkoud:
The film’s plot follows the storyline of Sari, the young man who despite years since his abduction, still remembers small details from the moment he last saw his mother, specifically, her eyes and her words asking him to never look back. Now, jailed for the murder of his friend, Sari pleads innocence to be set free and continue the search for his mother. However, he lacks the evidence that proves he did not commit the crime. Behind bars, Sari embarks on a journey to his past, where he delves into his deepest memories and reveals his true identity.
The film landed its world premiere at the Alexandria International Film Festival before being released in Egyptian and Lebanese theatres. Written and directed by Bachir Abou Zeid, the film's cast includes Ayman Ghali, Natacha Choufani, Layal Badaro, and Julian Farhat, and It stars Ayman El Ghaly, Natasha El Chowafi. MAD Solutions is handling the distribution of the film in the Arab world. 
 Screening date: Sunday, April 3rd at 6:15 pm (GMT+1)