release date April 24 2017
MAD Solutions Boasts Two Films at the Qumrah International Film Festival in Iraq
MAD Solutions will be taking part in the 2nd edition of the Qumrah International Film Festival in Iraq
with two films from its list of clientele. The two MAD films are official selections, namely: Ayny by director Ahmed Saleh, which was screened t a great success in the festival, and Five O'clock by director Ayman Al-Shatri that will screen next Tuesday at 07:00 pm.

The Qumrah International Film Festival is an annual festival held in Basra, Iraq. The first edition of the festival was in April, 2016. This year's edition includes 63 films and celebrates the Iraqi filmmakers. The
Qumrah International Film Festival aims at introducing the city of Basra as a cultural city and not just a city of oil and money. The name of the festival "Qumrah" is referring to the Arabic meaning of "camera" and the Arab scientist Ibn al-Haytham who made significant contributions to the principles of optics and visual perception.


Based on true events, the Student Academy Award winner for Best Foreign Animation Ayny follows two young boys who run away from their mother's protection and slack line on the danger of war to play music with the instrument they always dreamt to own.

The film is written, directed, edited and voiced by Ahmad Saleh, music by Nizar Rohana, animated by Frank Pingel, DOP Lionel Poutiaire Somé, produced by Stefan Gieren, and its Arab world distribution is handled by MAD Solutions.

The film is a co-production between Germany, Jordan, and Palestine. Ayny competed in the Muhr Short competition at the 13th Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF), Beirut Cinema Days, Sudan Independent Film Festival (SIFF) and Palestine Festival (Animate. Ps).

Five O'clock:

The film tells the story of a suicidal man who intends to carry out a terrorist attack by blowing himself in the middle of a crowd using an explosive belt, as he believes that non-Muslims are unworthy of life and they deserve to die. Despite being brainwashed, he begins to think, search and wonder if all idiots really deserve to die, and will he be granted eternal life in paradise after doing so?

Directed by Ayman Al-Shatri, who also co-wrote it with Ameer Ihsan, Five O'Clock stars Karam Thamer, Safa Najem, and Karrar Al Mahdi. MAD Solutions is handling the distribution of the film across the Arab world.

The film's world premiere was held at the Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF), where it competed within the Short Muhr Feature competition.

Screening Times of MAD Solutions' Films at the Qumrah International Film Festival (GMT+3)

Five O'clock: Tuesday, April 25 at 07:00 pm at the Farahidi Hall in Basra International Hotel