release date March 13 2016
MAD Solutions Boasts Three Films at the HIFF in Palestine
Within its activities in international film festivals, MAD Solutions will be taking part in Haifa Independent Film Festival (HIFF) in Palestine (14 - 19 March) with three Palestinian films from its list of clientele. The three MAD films are: Basil Khalil's Oscar®-nominated short film AVE MARIA, Muayad Alayan's feature film Love, Theft and Other Entanglements, which will be the festival's opening film, and Mai Masri's feature 3000 Nights that will be screening on the closing night.

HIFF aims to contribute towards the development of cinema and enhancement of the film industry in Palestine and the entire Arab world. The festival will include five days of films from the Arab world, in addition to international selections. Moreover, the programme also includes Palestinian films that will be featured in Haifa for the first time. Giving respect and valued attention to local productions is an important step towards empowering cinema and culture within the community. The film program will be accompanied by concerts and other cultural events. In addition to encouraging cinema, HIFF also aims to encourage liveliness and cultural activity within Haifa.

AVE MARIA is a 14-minute comedy tells the story of Palestinian nuns living in the middle of the West Bank wilderness, who have their daily routine of silence and prayer disrupted when a family of Israeli settlers breaks down right outside their convent just as the Sabbath is beginning. The family needs to get home but can't operate the phone, and the Nuns have taken a vow of silence.

Shot in black and white, Love, Theft and Other Entanglements revolves around a Palestinian car thief who gets into the trouble of his life when he steals the wrong car. What he thought was an Israeli car and an easy way to make money, turns out to be a load of misfortune when he discovers a kidnapped Israeli soldier in the trunk.

Written and directed by Mai Masri, 3000 Nights tells the story of a young Palestinian school teacher who gives birth to her son in an Israeli prison, where she fights to protect him, survive and maintain hope.

Screening times of MAD films at Haifa Independent Film Festival (HIFF) GMT+2

Love, Theft and Other Entanglements (opening film):
Monday, 14th of March at 08:00 pm in Khashabi Theatre
Saturday, 19th of March at 06:00 pm in Arab Cultural Center

Tuesday, 15th of March at 06:00 pm in Khashabi Theatre
Saturday, 19th of March at 06:00 pm in Kabareet

3000 Night (closing night film):
Thursday, 17th of March at 08:15 pm in Arab Cultural Center
Saturday, 19th of March at 08:00 pm in Arab Cultural Center