release date October 21 2020
Lebanese Film Mafkoud Releases in Egyptian Theaters on Wednesday
Lebanese feature film Mafkoud by director Bachir Abou Zeid will release in Egyptian theaters on Wednesday, October 21, 2020. The film is set to have a one-week screening at Proto Cairo Cinema, and will release in further Arab countries soon. This comes in coincidence with the postponement of its release in Tunisia which is witnessing high incidence of COVID-19 and temporary closure of all cinemas across the country have been processed after it was reopened last June.

Earlier this month, MAD Solutions has released the film’s official trailer.

Click on the following link to watch the trailer:

Years after his abduction, missing Sari still remembers small details from the moment he last saw his mother, specifically, her eyes and her words asking him to never look back. Now, jailed for the murder of his friend, Sari pleads his innocence to set off and continue the search for his mother. However, he lacks the evidence that proves he did not commit the crime. Behind these walls, Sari’s encounter will put him on a journey to his past, delving into his deepest memories, and revealing his true identity.

Director/writer Bachir Abou Zeid finished his undergraduate studies at the Lebanese International University and received a Bachelor Degree in Communication Arts, with emphasis on Translation and Interpretation. He also graduated from the University of West London with an MA Degree in Filmmaking with an emphasis on Directing. Recently, Bachir Founded Beirut Film Institute, a production company that aims to produce shorts and feature length films.

His short films toured a number of film festivals and were internationally acclaimed. His film, Kalash, which was done as a Master’s Thesis, is a one shot 30-minute war drama. To date, the film has participated and won awards in more than 15 International film festivals. Throughout the past few years, Bachir worked on short films, his experience in film production includes film production, production designing, writing and directing. Bachir has recently finished working on his upcoming short film Idris, which is directed, written and produced by him. Mafkoud marks his debut feature film.