release date October 26 2022
Kazim Fayad’s YUSIF To Be Commercially Released In Lebanon
YUSIF, by Kazim Fayed, is scheduled to be commercially released on November 3 in Lebanon in several cinemas; Grand Cinema ABC Verdun, Grand ABC Achrafieh, Grand Cinemas ABC Dbayeh, Vox Cinema Lebanon and Cinemall. Ahead of that will be the film’s premiere on November 1st at Grand Cinemas ABC Verdun.
The film was screened at the Asian World Film Festival (AWFF) in the USA, where it won the Special Jury Award, and the Alexandria Film Festival for Mediterranean Countries in Egypt, where it garnered the Best First Feature Award. It also joined the International Oriental Film Festival of Geneva (FIFOG) in Switzerland and the Dhaka International Film Festival in Bangladesh.
YUSIF was critically acclaimed, in which Nahed Salah stated, “Fayed portrayed his feelings of love, fury, and grief, painting it with strong emotions and relying on a specific image that strengthens the story and its style, which mixes fact and fiction.” While Mohamed Reda said, “Kazim Fayad’s debut film is exceptional and unique in the Lebanese cinema industry.”
The film follows Yusif, who aims to defy death itself. Ironically, a crime needs to take place to be able to save the life of his younger brother. This psychological thriller, surfing between two realities, delves deep into the dark underworld of arms dealing in Lebanon.
 YUSIF is directed by Kazim Fayad, who also co-wrote the script with Houssein Haidar and Ali Mansour. The film stars Houssein Haidar, Eyad Nouredine, Khitam Leham, and Fayez Kazack.  It is produced by Blue House Films, while MAD Solutions manages the Arab world distribution.
Kazim Fayad is a Beirut-born Lebanese filmmaker, writer, and producer. He co-wrote YUSIF with Houssein after graduating from the school of communication arts and filmmaking and working on several short fiction films. In addition to YUISF, Kazim worked on almost 12 short films.
He developed the film’s plot following the death of his best friend. The loss of Kazim's friend caused him to suffer from "DCR," a condition in which a person’s dreams become so vivid that it is impossible to distinguish between reality and dreams.