Jordanian Star Mohammad Nizar Defends Men’s Rights In "Hakam", His Campaign That Discusses Toxic Masculinity

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Jordanian Star Mohammad Nizar Defends Men’s Rights In "Hakam", His Campaign That Discusses Toxic Masculinity

Jordanian star Mohammad Nizar has launched a campaign under the title of "Hakam" through posting a video to his official Instagram page. Marking Mohammad Nizar’s directorial and writing debut, the video is an attempt to defend men’s rights within the Arab region, killing the social pressures and taboos placed on them. The video stars Mohammed Nizar, who is also the video’s writer and director.

The video features a group of men of different ages, religious, and social backgrounds, in which a voice appears in the background saying, "Have you ever wondered if you might be a victim of a patriarchal society?!" The speech continues to elaborate that this term is usually used by women's rights supporters, whereas men are put under a lot of groundless social pressures and taboos. The video goes on to provide factual examples of that, like shaming crying for men, criticizing the male body image, and other harassments men get exposed to.

Nizar concludes his video by expressing how society forces men on a lot of toxic behaviors at the expense of their wellbeing, going on to say that it’s ok for men not to be ok and to get tired and fall sometimes, as long as they get back up on their feet; men are human beings who have to experience both vulnerability and power.

To watch the video on Mohammed Nizar’s Instagram page, click here:

Mohammad Nizar is a rising Jordanian star who marked his breakthrough in Netflix's first Arabic-speaking original, Jinn (2019). In the same year, Nizar appeared in the TV series Oboor that premiered in Ramadan. Prior to that, in 2014, Nizar took part in director Jon Stewart’s American film Rosewater. He then starred in a number of award-winning short films in 2016, Namous by Samer Battikhi and director Said Zagha’s multiple award-winning film Five Boys and A Wheel, which was headlined by the international actor Ali Suliman. In 2020, Nizar starred in the award-winning short film; The Ghosts We Left at Home, which was screened in a number of international festivals. His recent works also include Gaza Mon Amour, by directors Tarzan and Arab Nasser, which landed its world premiere at Venice International Film Festival in 2020.