release date March 19 2013
In Search of Oil and Sand Tours International Film Festivals
During March, the documentary In Search of Oil and Sand will be participating in several international film festivals. The film has already taken part in the CinemAfrica Film Festival in Sweden and the Twin Cities Arab Festival in the U.S state of Minnesota, however it will be part ofTetouan International Mediterranean Film Festival in Morocco that runs from 23rd March to 30th March.

The film is produced by Middle West Films, and is co-directed by Wael Omar and Philippe L. Dib. In October, 2012, In Search of Oil and Sand won the Best Arab Director award in theDocumentary Competition at the 6th Abu Dhabi Film Festival.

In Search of Oil and Sand tracks the Egyptian historian Mahmoud Sabit who inherited a palace that dates back to the royal family, as he unveils the story behind 'Oil and Sand', an 8 mm film shot by his parents and members of the royal court only a few weeks before the royal Egyptian family was overthrown in a coup d'état in 1952. Sabit assembles the last surviving copy of the film, reconstructing the story behind it, members of the royal family who appeared there, and the political circumstances surrounding the film.

After two successful tours in Sweden and USA, In Search of Oil and Sand arrives in Tetouan city, Morocco to take part in the Documentary Competition in the 19th International Festival of Mediterranean Film Tetouan that will run from 23rd March to 30th March 2013.

The film has already participated in the 13th CinemAfrica Film Festival that took place in Stockholm, Sweden. At the same time, In Search of Oil and Sand was part of 8th Twin Cities Arab Film Festival which was organized by Mizna Cultural Organization in the Twin Cities area of Minneapolis-Saint Paul in the U.S state of Minnesota. Both festivals were taking place simultaneously from 13th March to 17th March.

After earning his MA in Film Arts in 2005, director Wael Omar shot State of Emergency as part of the Democracy 76 Project -series of short documentaries that logged the peak of Mubarak's brutal policed state. With an eye to strengthen and expand the documentary movement in the region in 2008, he co-founded Middle West Films, an incubator and co-production house for documentary projects. Currently he has multiple projects in development including Les Petit Chats by Sherif Nakhla -the first ever Arab rockumentary, and Dream of Shahrazad by Francois Verster. Development has begun on When I Stop Chanting, a feature documentary exploring the relationship between football, politics and the revolution in Egypt.

Philippe L. Dib is an independent filmmaker of Franco-Lebanese origin currently residing in Cairo. He has explored various avenues of cinema such as a scriptwriter and actor in short films in London, L.A. and Cairo. In 1996 he co-wrote and directed his first feature film, Welcome Says the Angel, and then he wrote and directed El Tanbura which won the Golden Turon in the Etnofilm Festival in Cadca and the Jury's prize award in the Sawi Documentary Film Festival in Cairo.