Harvest by Ely Dagher Selected for CineGouna Platform at El Gouna Film Festival

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Harvest by Ely Dagher Selected for CineGouna Platform at El Gouna Film Festival

Latest film project, Harvest, by the Palm D'Or winning director Ely Dagher is selected at the CineGouna Platform within the 4th El Gouna Film Festival (23-31 October). The film project is taking part within the Feature Narrative Projects in Development within the platform that runs from 25 to 30 October.

This marks the film's second participation at the CineGouna Platform where last year Harvest won the cash prize of projects in development in addition to a monetary award from Drosos Foundation. A few days ago, the film was announced among the projects vying for the Final Cut Venice awards at the Venice International Film Festival in Italy.

Harvest follows the story of a young woman who returns home in Beirut after spending a long while abroad, leaving a bad experience behind. Haunting pressures to fit back into the family dynamics as well as revealing details of her life abroad weigh heavy on her. Feeling cornered, her fears and anxieties resurface, leading her to reconnect and find solace in another part of her Beirut life that she had forsaken. A life that is for her as familiar and foreign now as it ever was.

Written and directed by Ely Dagher, the film marks his feature debut. Harvest features Manal Issa, Yara Abou Haidar, Rabih El Zaher, and Roger Azar. It is a co-production between Andolfi Production (Arnaud Dommerc), About Productions (Myriam Sassine), Wrong Men, and Beaver and Beaver.
Previously, the film received support from Doha Film Institue, and Arab Fund for Art and Culture (AFAC). Harvest is distributed in the Arab world by MAD Solutions.

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Born and raised in Beirut. Ely Graduated with an MA in New Media and Contemporary Art Studies from Goldsmiths College in London. his work explores the correlation and possibilities created through the play between cultures, histories and fiction In 2015 Ely’s short film Waves 98 was awarded the prestigious Palme D’Or at the 68th Cannes Film Festival.