release date January 24 2022
Good Morning film will be screened at Kino Cameo Cinema in Switzerland
The feature film Good Morning, directed by Bahij Hojeij, will have two screenings at Switzerland's Kino Cameo theatre, the first on Saturday 29 January at 6:15 p.m. (GMT +1), and the second on Sunday 30 January at 11 a.m.
Kino Cameo is a non-profit movie theatre in Winterthur, Switzerland, that focuses on screening Art House films as well as organizing monthly events and shows.
At a modern coffee shop overlooking a lively Beirut street, featuring a screen hung on the wall broadcasting news, a general, aged 78, and an army doctor, aged 81, come to play crosswords for 16 consecutive days in order to preserve their memory. Once in a while, the two old men take a break and start observing the street through a large bay window. 
As the film progresses, we enter the thoughts of our two characters, confronted with a chaotic world and disappearance: theirs, Lebanon’s and a region filled with violence, terrorism and wars.
Good Morning was featured in several international film festivals, including the Malmö Arab Film Festival in Sweden, where it won the best director award and Rabat International Festival of Film, in which he won two awards, Best Screenplay and Best Actor. It was also  screened at Cairo International Film Festival, Shanghai International Film Festival, the Lebanese Film Festival in Canada, and Karama Human Rights Film Festival (HRFF). Written and directed by Bahij Hojeij, and co-written by Rachid El Daif, Good Morning stars Gabriel Yammine, Adel Chahine, Maya Dagher, and Rodrigue Sleiman. MAD Solutions handles the film’s distribution and marketing across the Arab world.
Bahij Hojeij is a Lebanese director, screenwriter and producer. He earned a BA in theatre and philosophy in Beirut before going on to study film in Paris. His notable credits include The Green Line, Beirut, The Dialogue of the Rubble, The Girdle of Fire, and The Kidnapped, which won Best Mediterranean documentary at the Mediterranean Festival in 1998.
Besides, Hojeij received Best Narrative Film from Abu Dhabi Festival and Best Director at the Oran International Arabic Film Festival for "Chatti Ya Dini" (Here Comes the Rain).