release date May 31 2018
Five O'clock by Ayman Al-Shatri Screens at the Ramadan Youth Cinema Forum
The short film Five O'clock by director Ayman Al-Shatri has been selected to screen within theRamadan Youth Cinema Forum,organized by Sada Association for Cinema and Theatre, at theRidha Alwan Coffee in Baghdad, Iraq, tonight, Thursday, May 31 at 10:00 PM.

Ramadan Youth Cinema Forum is an educational forum for youth that includes a discussion session that aims to cultivate cinema culture in Iraq, discuss film production in Iraq and screen films. The forum gathers young filmmakers and a large audience of film enthusiasts.

Five O'clock tells the story of a suicidal man who intends to carry out a terrorist attack by blowing himself in the middle of a crowd using an explosive belt, as he believes that non-Muslims are unworthy of life and they deserve to die. Despite being brainwashed, he begins to think, search and wonder if all idiots really deserve to die, and will he be granted eternal life in paradise after doing so?

Directed by Ayman Al-Shatri, who also co-wrote it with Ameer Ihsan, Five O'clock stars Karam Thamer, Safa Najem and Karrar Al Mahdi. MAD Solutions distributes the film in the Arab world.