release date March 21 2018
FilmLab: Palestine Selects Eight Arab Projects to Participate in the EAVE on Demand Producers Workshop
FilmLab: Palestine selected eight Arab film projects to take part in its first EAVE on Demand producer's workshop. The workshop is organized by FilmLab: Palestine, in cooperation with EAVE (European Audiovisual Entrepreneurs) and with the support of the British Council.

The workshop will be held between March 26 to 29, 2018 at Khalil Al Sakakini Center in Ramallah by three EAVE experts; Producer Roshanak Nedjad, Screen-writer Clare Downs, and Distributor Aranka Matits.

The three experts will provide open master classes; Script Development Strategies, What Kind of a Producer Are You? The Role of the Producer, and Sales and the International Market.

For registration, send an email to:

EAVE is Europe's leading training, development and networking organization for producers. In addition to the workshops, EAVE is involved in a variety of programmes in Europe, Asia, Latin America, Russia, Africa and the Arab world.

Founded in 1988, EAVE'sobjective is to provide professional training opportunities and to bring producers from different regions of the world together with the aim of facilitating co-production relationships. EAVE's unique international network comprises over 2,000 producers and key decision makers such as funders, sales agents, distributors, commissioning editors and others.

Founded in 2014, Filmlab: Palestine's establishment as an organization was inspired by the personal experience of its founders in empowering Palestinian youth in refugee camps in Jordan. Realizing that this experience introduced young practitioners to the art of filmmaking as a creative and unconventional method to tell their own personal narratives, Filmlab: Palestine (FLP) was established to further document the collective Palestinian memory as well as the unique individual voices of Palestinians within the occupied territories and abroad. Filmlab: Palestine (FLP) aims to expand and cultivate the existing cinema culture within Palestine, while providing the much-needed technical and artistic support for emerging Palestinian filmmaking voices. FilmLab: Palestine (FLP) has joined the Arab Cinema Center (ACC) partners' list.