release date November 02 2023
FRACTUS’ Mohamed Mrad wins Best Actor at Oujda Film Festival
Nader Rahmouni’s Tunisian feature film FRACTUS just won its first prestigious award at the latest edition of Morocco's Oujda Film Festival — which ran from October 20th to the 25th — where the film's lead star, Mohamed Mrad, won Best Actor.
A coming-of-age story about fear, change, and broken homes, FRACTUS follows the shy and introverted Yassine, who is caught between an authoritarian father, a submissive and depressed mother, and a little brother lost in the middle of this dysfunctional family, strictly following the path he was set on. However, everything changes when he meets Leila — a classmate at his university, who becomes a catalyst for him to reevaluate his life. 
Mohamed Mrad, who was awarded for playing the part of Yassin, gave a remarkable performance marked with depth and authenticity to the character by deftly portraying Yassin's emotional journey from a passive observer to a catalyst for change. 
FRACTUS, which has received widespread acclaim for its thought-provoking storytelling, poignant exploration of family dynamics, and ability to resonate with audiences on a personal level, has previously been showcased at several prestigious international film festivals, including the Carthage, Hurghada International Youth, and International Maghreb film festivals. 
In addition to Mrad's exceptional performance, the cast of FRACTUS includes other talented actors, the most notable of which are Rim Riahi, Mhadheb Rmili, and Selma Mahjoubi.
Written and directed by Rahmouni and co-written by Khawla Hosny, the film is produced by Chaos Productions, lensed by Bechir Mahbouli, and edited by Seifeddine Ben Salem. 
Besides being an engineer and chief practitioner in neuro-linguistic programming at IFPNL in France, Rahmouni is in charge of several moviegoer groups in Tunisia and France.
He has also been trained for many years as an actor at El Teatro and Florent Course in France and has taken part in several plays and television series.