release date April 17 2016
Emirati Cinema Screenings in Poland for the First Time
Highlighting the progress of the Emirati cinema, Nahda Foundation teams up with Kino Pod Baranami Cinema to screen a number of Emirati films in Poland. To be held from 15 to 17 April, the screenings are in collaboration with Image Nation Abu Dhabi and Emirati filmmakers.

For the first time in Poland, the screenings will be held at the two cities of Warsaw and Kraków at the same time. The screenings will include Nawaf Al Janahi's film Sea Shadow, who will also attend the screenings, director Ali Mostafa's film From A to B and director Hana Makki's documentary film AS ONE: The Autism Project. The screenings also will include four Emirati shorts namely; The Intruder! by Majid Alansari, Sabeel by Khalid Al Mahmood, Smaller than the Sky by
Abdullah Hasan Ahmed and Halet Ghoroob (Sunset State) by Mustafa Abbas.

The screenings will be accompanied by three special events; a lecture on the history of the UAE at Kolanko No. 6, a meeting with Ahmed Abdalla Burhaima, the Consul of the UAE in Poland at
Collegium Maius, and Breakfast with Emirati Cinema at Pauza In Garden.

The Intruder!: In a remote desert at deep night, a couple meets an intruder who may be a threat to them and their unborn child.
Sabeel: Two young boys depend on the road as their main source of making a living; and it's only he road that will determine their destiny.
Smaller than the Sky: The profound story of a relationship between a young girl and a bird intertwines with the story of a woman trapped in her car as a result of an accident in the mountains.
Halet Ghoroob (Sunset State): Two men with troubled pasts discover they are neighbors. Deep into the minds of two men, an American novelist, and an Emirati college student, into their happy memories as well as sad. A journey through the emotions of these two people, which are carried by their most inner thoughts and feelings.
AS ONE: The Autism Project: Ten children from diverse backgrounds were selected to take part in this creative project. The children's workshops, along with interviews from teachers and families provide a unique and insightful look into Autism.