release date August 15 2023
Egyptian drama film RAT HOLE to hold international premiere at the AIFF
Following a successful world premiere at the Aswan International Women Film Festival (AIWF) last March, the hard-hitting Egyptian drama RAT HOLE is set to hold its international premiere at the Amman International Film Festival - Awal Film (AIFF), which will be running from August 15th to the 22nd. 
The highly anticipated red-carpet premiere will be held on August 16th at 8 pm at Taj Cinema 4 in the presence of its director, writer, and producer Mohamed El-Samman — who won Best Script at the 2022 Sawiris Cultural Awards — along with several of Jordan’s most renowned celebrities, press members, and public figures.
And as an added treat, El-Samman will be running an exclusive Q&A session with the audience after the premiere, in which he will share a few behind-the-scenes stories, the challenges he faced while shooting, the complexities of the social issue the film aims to address, and more.
The film will also screen once more on August 20th at 10 pm at Taj Cinema 3.
In a fresh take on a story that has never been discussed in the Arab world’s zeitgeist, the film follows a female telemarketer for a non-profit organization who tries to convince people to make financial contributions to her cause. However, in her desperate attempts to make ends meet, she is forced to violate her principles and act in a manner that exposes the seedy underbelly of the NGO to which she is employed.
Shining the spotlight on the struggle of an underpaid female telemarketer trying to make ends meet while being confronted with several moral dilemmas, RAT HOLE stars rising actress Rana Khattab (LAMS AKTAF, 100 WESH), who mesmerized the AIWF’s audiences with her exceptional performance in the lead role.
The film’s cast also includes Mohamed Yorka (manager), Kamal El-Asnawy, and Hanan Helmy, among others, with the Arab world’s most prolific Film Distribution and Celebrity Management agency, MAD Solutions, managing the film’s worldwide distribution. 
Watch the film’s recently released teaser trailer here: