release date April 12 2017
Dr. Georgette Savvides Releases Her Book My Journey in Downtown's Bookstores
Following a book signing event that was attended by many media representatives, Dr. Georgette Savvides has released her book My Journey at Al Kotob Khan, Tanmeya Bookshop, ALEF Bookstores, El Shorouk Bookstore, Diwan Bookstore and many other bookshops in Downtown Cairo to give readers the chance to know about her inspiring journey into psychology.

According to Dr. Savvides, the book sheds light on her life journey into the world of psychotherapy; from the early beginnings to her educational trips to many countries worldwide earning her Doctorate in Psychology, and the establishment of the Psychealth Counseling and Training Services in Cairo in 2009. Through laughter and tears, Dr. Savvides narrates different stories about her clients without disclosing their identities. The English version of the book is set to be released on a later date this year. Dr. Georgette Savvides is preparing to shoot a new TV show about psychotherapy entitled Waraa Kol Bab directed by Tarek Refaat (Sabaa' Arwah). The TV show is set to be aired soon.

Counseling and Occupational Psychologist, Dr. Georgette Savvides, received her professional Doctorate in Psychology from European and American universities. Being a member of several prestigious scientific associations and institutions, Dr. Savvides is set with a goal to change the way the Egyptian society perceive patients with psychological disorders, and raise awareness of mental illness and methods to deal with it. She worked as a consultant for several international companies, including; Vodafone, Coca Cola, L'Oreal, Henkel, Oracle and CIB. Dr. Savvides is the Founder and Owner of Psychealth Counseling and Training Services in Cairo. She also writes for several magazines and has appeared in a number of TV programs that aim to raise awareness for mental health issues.