release date December 03 2018
Documentary Film 17 Screens at the Jordanian Film Days
As part of the Amman Youth Hub project, the documentary film 17 by director Widad Shafakoj screened at the Jordanian Film Days (November 29 to 31) on Friday, November 30, at 7 PM. Established through a partnership between Aarhus Film Workshop in Denmark, ActionAid Denmark and Tammy for Youth Development in Jordan, the Amman Youth Hub is part of a youth exchange project between Denmark, Jordan and Palestine that will take place from 2018 to 2020.

Held on the sidelines of the festival, Amman Youth Hub aims to promote cooperation and mutual understanding among youths from the three aforementioned countries. Shedding light on youth and the Arab world, the festival will tackle cross-borders stories and cultures.

As for its international screening, the documentary film 17 recently screened at Cinema Akil in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Warehouse421 in Abu Dhabi. It also participated in the Franco-Arab Film Festival in France and Zurich Arab Film Festival along with its screening atthe Dubai Film Market of the Dubai International Film Festival.

Since its world premiere, the film has achieved great success through its screening at Morocco's Cinémathèque de Tanger, and it witnessed a massive turnout during its screening at Prime Cinemas in Jordan. The film also screened at several prestigious film festivals around the world, including Carthage Film Festival (JCC) in Tunisia, the 1st El Gouna Film Festival, Muscat international Film Festival, ALFILM - Arab Film Festival Berlin, Arab Women Film Festival in Sweden, Arab Film Festival in California, USA, Arabisches Film Festival Tübingen in Germany, and the Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF), the Oran International Arabic Film Festival, Karama Human Rights Film Festival, and Adelaide Film Festival.

17 follows the Jordanian under-17 women's football team as they prepare for the FIFA U17 Women's World Cup Jordan 2016. Coming from different backgrounds, each of the girls has faced a different set of challenges as a national team player. But now they come together to face their biggest challenge yet.

17 is a social exploration into the lives of young women who are passionate about a sport they have been told was only for men. Will Anoud make it in the final squad? Will Leen be ready to play in this world-class event with so little time to prepare? Will the odds finally start working for the team? 17 is directed by Widad Shafakoj, produced by Muna Fityani and distributed in the Arab world by MAD Solutions.
Widad Shafakoj is a Jordanian documentary film director who utilizes films as a means of expressing her opinions on the society in which she lives. She directed ID:000, an award-winning short film about the abuse that is inflicted on Jordanian orphans. The film led to a change in Jordanian orphan-related regulations.

In 2013, Shafakoj directed The Last Passenger, another short film that exposed the story of Syrian refugees who illegally escaped from Al Zaatari camp to Jordanian governorates. A year later, Widad was able to present an issue that is close to her heart in her debut feature film If You Meant to Kill Me, which follows women who are imprisoned for their protection after being threatened to get killed for honor.
In 2017, Widad worked with HRH Prince Ali bin Hussein on her film 17, which follows the Jordanian under-17 women's football team as they prepare for the FIFA U17 Women's World Cup Jordan 2016.