release date April 30 2023
Daughters of Abdulrahman to embark on highly anticipated world tour in May
Mark your calendars and prepare to be swept off your feet by the globally acclaimed production DAUGHTERS OF ABDULRAHMAN, which will be embarking on a highly anticipated world tour in May. 
Zaid Abu Hamdan’s masterpiece has captivated audiences worldwide and is a testament to its undeniable popularity and demand. The multiple-award-winning film is set to have its first screening during the upcoming international tour in Switzerland’s Kino Meiringen Cinema, where it will have two screenings — the first on Sunday, May 7th, at 7 pm and the second on Monday, May 8th, at 8 pm.
The film will then head to the global capital of fashion and design — Milan —  where it will be exhibited at Nuovo Armenia Cinema — a new space focused on promoting African, Asian, and South American Cinema — on May 10th and May 20th.
Finally, the film will screen in the Netherlands’ Forum Groningen — a cultural center that houses a library, cinema, and parts of the Groninger Museum — on Saturday, May 13th, at 1 pm.
DAUGHTERS OF ABDULRAHMAN, which is set in a lower-middle-class neighborhood in Amman, follows the single and middle-aged Zainab, who lives a dreary existence as a local seamstress and her father’s keeper. 
When Zainab wakes up one morning to a shocking discovery with the potential to defame her throughout her neighborhood, she and her three sisters are forced to come together in spite of their vastly disparate lives.
Written and directed by Zaid Abu Hamdan, DAUGHTERS OF ABDULRAHMAN stars Saba Mubarak, Farah Bsieso, Hanan Hillo, Mariam Basha, and Khalid Tariffi. 
The movie has already received the Audience Award at three prestigious festivals – the Middle East Now Film Festival in Italy, the FEST – New Directors/New Films Festival in Portugal, and the Cairo International Film Festival, where it held its world premiere.
It also screened at the Amman International Film Festival - Awal Film – where it was well received, selling out its tickets as soon as they were available.
Moreover, it was featured in the Beirut International Women Film Festival, where it received a special mention, as well as the Red Sea International Film Festival's first edition within the Arab Spectacular Section.
It also opened the Malmo Arab Film Festival in Sweden and featured in the Arab Film Festival in Germany, the 10th edition of the Calgary Arab Film Nights Festival in Canada, and the Lebanese Film Festival in Canada.