release date August 29 2017
DOP Ahmad Al Morsy Reveals the Secrets of Cinematography in a Lecture at Photopia Center
Last Monday, August 28, 2017, DOP Ahmad Al Morsy conducted a lecture titled "Cinematic Recipes" at Photopia Center.

In the lecture, Al Morsy talked about his early career as a director of photography, how did he develop himself, besides, what is the role of a director of photography and what are the tools he uses in TV and film, different schools of cinematography, types of lighting, how to work in a team and accept different ideas and overcome challenges.

Aside from working as a DOP for more than 20 years in the Egyptian film industry presenting more than 50 films and winning six awards, Al Morsy became one of the most famous Arab names for shooting TV commercials in several Arab countries with a collection of more than 1000 ads for clients from Egypt, UAE, Lebanon, Morocco, Jordon, UK, France and Spain.