release date September 04 2014
Crowdfunding Platform Zoomaal Launches the Must See Film Challenge
Continuing its significant success throughout the past two years in funding aspiring Arab filmmakers with projects, Zoomaal, in partnership with Hivos, launches its third challenge entitled the Must See Film Challenge.

MAD Solutions contributes to the initiative through promoting for the events and activities helmed by Zoomal platform to support striving Arab filmmakers who are collecting funds for their projects to turn their ideas into reality.

The Must See Film Challenge, running from August 20th till September 20th, 2014, aims at boosting vibrant filmmakers in the Arab region by giving them matched funding support of $20,000. For every $1 that a project receives, Zoomaal will put another $1 to double the impact.

In this challenge, Zoomaal will feature the works of 36 aspiring Arab filmmakers with projects that tackle different aspects of Arab societies through different genres ranging from drama to action and comedy. These projects will be viewed on Zoomaal's official website to be funded by those who want any of them to be realized and see the light.

After the huge success withprevious challenges, and raising $188,000 to project owners from $ 20,000 matched funding in the Women Pioneers Challenge (x9 impact), Zoomal drew the attention of international edia featuring on CNN, Forbes, Booz & Co, New York Times and Wamda. The leading crowdfunding platform believes that such an initiative would be a great chance for young talented filmmakers to fund their movies and make their ideas come to life.