release date May 13 2010
Companies at the 63rd International Cannes Film Festival
MAD Solutions is attending the 63rd International Cannes Film Festival which began on the 12th of May, until the 23rd 2010. The company's presence at this infamous film festival is to represent 4 Egyptian film and production service companies within an unprecedented endeavor to gain more international notability.

‏MAD Solutions was founded by the leading film analyst and publisher; Alaa Karkouti, in partnership with the marketing communications expert; Dina Ezzat and a renowned creative director; Maher Diab. MAD Solutions provides marketing, public relations, advertising and content solutions across all media. Additionally, the company offers a unique and exclusive service within the Arab world embodied in marketing Arab films and film production companies to international markets and renowned film festivals. MAD Solutions also provides quality creative content for different media applications in the Arab world through a team of experts who have come from various linguistic and cultural backgrounds.

‏Alaa Karkouti; Managing Partner of MAD Solutions, says, "The Arab and Egyptian film industries lack only one thing; a professional and avid presence on the international film map. This is exactly what MAD Solutions opts to accomplish and this is what the company's main strategies are about."

‏It is noteworthy that Alaa Karkouti; the leading film analyst, covers more than 15 Arab and international film festivals annually, in addition to managing annual discussion panels, training workshops and film-related seminars across the globe. This avid presence gives MAD Solutions a solid base of rapport and a comprehensive knowledge on the world of cinema.

‏"MAD Solutions puts down strategies based on the goals and aims of each individual film, company or project, whether the target is the Egyptian market, regional or international," says Dina Ezzat; Managing Partner and Marketing Communications Director at MAD Solutions.

‏The four film production companies represented by MAD Solutions within the 63rd International Cannes Film Festival are:

‏Aroma: One of the regions pioneers in cinema production and post-production services, in addition to planning and executing visual affects, designing and directing advertisements.

‏Film Clinic: Founded and managed by the renowned Egyptian producer and scriptwriter Mohamed Hefzy in 2006, Film Clinic specializes in cinema and television services, providing to diverse local and international companies.

‏New Century: One of the most active Egyptian cinema production companies, New Century is the sister company to Dollar Film; one of the Arab world's oldest film distribution companies, inaugurated in the middle of last century.

‏MAP Pictures: Egypt's latest addition to the rich film production scene, MAP has a cinema and television production plan that reflects the richness and authenticity of the Arab culture and aims for a strong regional and international market presence.

‏Maher Diab; Managing Partner and Creative Director at MAD Solutions confirms, "MAD Solutions's presence at the 63rd International Cannes Film Festival is merely a launching pad for the company's avid presence in the world's most distinguished cinema venues and events, especially because the companies represented by MAD Solutions have ambitious regional and international agendas, which is what we focus on when putting down the unique strategies that are to be followed for each company individually."

‏MAD Solutions is the creator of the new creative image of Film Clinic, which has been conveyed through the company's recently launched website. MAD Solutions has also given indispensable input regarding the identity formation of MAP Pictures and is currently working on the launching of the company's website, in addition to working on a new image for New Century.

‏Attending the 63rd International Cannes Film Festival from MAD Solutions are Film Analyst Alaa Karkouti and Public Relations representative Shahla Karkouti.