release date May 16 2015
Colin Brown to Take Part in Arab Cinema Center Workshop at Cannes Film Festival
Film Analyst and Consultant, Colin Brown, travelled to France to participate in the Cannes Film Festival (from 13 to 24 May 2015) by taking part in several events, including two panel discussions and workshops aiming to develop the international film industry. In addition, he will participate in the second edition of the Arab Cinema Center (ACC) organized by MAD Solutions, as Brown is the partner in charge of international operations for the company.
On Friday, May 15t, Brown participated in a panel discussion organized by the British Film Institute (BFI) through the UK Film Centre titled "Show Me the Green", where filmmakers discuss the opportunities and challenges of making environmentally friendly sustainable features.

And about expanding crowdfunding possibilities of filmmaking via Internet, Brown is set to take part in a panel discussion in the second edition of the digital revolution film forum (Next), which is held within the framework of the Film Market at Cannes Film Festival on Sunday, May 17th. The forum aims to organize daily panel discussions to discuss the most important challenges facing the film industry around the world.

As part of the One Day program of the first edition of Cannes Investors Club, which will be held on Monday, May 18th, Colin Brown will participate in the first workshop on film production basics. In the workshop, Brown will speak about two main themes, namely the overall vision of the film market highlighting the added-value chain and the factors affecting the film industry. The second theme is models of professional investors and opportunities for new investment in filmmaking.
The One Day program of the first edition of Cannes Investors Club is held through the Film Market and aims to shed light on successful film production based on gathering maven investors in order to explore new strategies in film financing and distribution, as well as how to minimize the potential risks through the experiences of influential and expert filmmakers from around the world.

This will be held parallel to the launch of the second edition of the Arab Film Center (ACC) at the Cannes Film Festival, as it continues to open new venues for Arab cinema through the Film Market, which includes 17 institutions and companies from 8 Arab and European countries.

During his career as a journalist Colin Brown has won numerous awards and is currently the Editorial Director of Slated platform financing New York films. Prior to joining Slated, Colin was the Editor-in-Chief of Screen International magazine. He also teaches at NYU Graduate Film School.

Colin Brown has taken part in several activities concerning the development of the film industry and discovering new talents. In his hometown, New York, Colin teaches The Future of Film at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts Graduate Film School, in collaboration with The Cinema Research Institute (CRI). The course targets film school graduates in order to research the future of cinema, detect the challenges facing the industry and suggest ways to overcome them. It also aims to make these researches widely available to filmmakers.