release date October 26 2016
Blued Wins Best Short Feature Film Award at the Film Days Festival in Palestine
Palestinian film Blued, directed by Rama Mari and produced by May Odeh has won the Sunbird Award for Best Short Feature Film at the 3rd Days of Cinema festival (15 - 21 October), which was held in several Palestinian cities as the first film competition to be organized in Palestine.

Blued held its world premiere at the Dubai International Film Festival in 2013, where it competed for the Muhr Award for Best Short Film. In the same year, the film also contended for the Best Short Film Award at the Warsaw International Film Festival.

Written and directed by Rama Mari and produced by May Odeh and Leiv Igor Devold, Blued stars Atta Nasser and Iman Aoun. The film revolves around a young man, Yassin, and his mother, who are left with nowhere in the village to hide the evidence of their crime, so they throw a dead body over their backyard near the military checkpoint.

Rama Mari is a Palestinian director who grew up in Amman and Ramallah. Later on, she moved to the United States to pursue film studies at the San Francisco Academy of Arts to pursue film studies. She began her professional career in Los Angeles and Blued is her directorial debut.

May Odeh is a director and producer who co-produced numerous Palestinian feature films. Recently, she founded her own production company, Odeh Films, through which she aims to produce and distribute feature films and documentaries in the Arab region.

Days of Cinema festival is an annual event organized by FilmLab every October in several cities across Palestine. It aims to promote local and international films, as well as put Palestine on the international film industry map. The festival began in 2014 and its program offers a number of film screenings for adults and children alike, in addition to panel discussions, workshops, and specialized programs for children. While the festival is held in more than one Palestinian city, most of its events are held in Jerusalem.