release date October 20 2021
Benzine & Istrupya Compete at International Festival of Cinema and Immigration Oujda in Morocco
MAD Solutions will send two films on its distribution list to the 9th International Festival of Cinema and Immigration Oujda (October 20th to 23rd). Slated to participate in the festival’s Official Film Competition, the two films are: Tunisian film Benzine by director Sarra Abidi, and Palestinian film Istrupya by director Ahmed Hassouna.

The International Festival of Cinema and Immigration Oujda aims at offering the passionate film audience out there a colorful program full of cinematic films tackling the immigration-related topics. The festival is a platform that serves as a bridge between different cultures.

About Benzine:
The film follows the heart-rending story of parents who have been left behind by their only son. For nine months, they haven’t heard anything from or about him since he moved to Italy.

Benzine previously won a number of awards, including the Ima - TV5 Monde prize for the 1st feature film at the Arab Cinema Festival in Paris, the Ensemble Prize at Festival du Cinéma Tunisien, the Best Female Performance Prize for Sondos Belhassen at Festival Maghrébin du Film Oujda, as well as Radwan El Kashef Award for the Best African Film and Best Artistic Contribution Award at the Luxor African Film Festival (LAFF), Egypt. The film also participated in Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF), within the Muhr Feature competition.

Written and directed by Sarra Abidi, the film stars Sondos Belhassen, Fatma Ben Saidane, Ali Yahyaoui, and Jamel Chandoul. MAD Solutions handles the film’s distribution in the Arab world.

About Istrupya:
The film follows the challenges faced by Palestinian youth in the heart of Gaza Strip. Under extreme circumstances in the heart of Gaza Strip, young Palestinians are deviating from the governing norms and traditions of their society, and are left with the choice of running away to the unknown. However, the unknown voyage across the Mediterranean proves no less tragic.

The film previously received the Special Jury Prize at the Alexandria Film Festival for the Mediterranean Countries. Directed by Ahmed Hassouna and co-written by Ahmed Al – Ashi, and Sameh Al – qata, the film stars Firas Al-Masry. MAD Solutions handles the film’s distribution in the Arab world.