release date September 13 2015
Ali Suleiman Pulls in Best Actor Award at Alexandria Film Festival for Mediterranean Countries
Palestine's celebrated actor Ali Suleiman has pulled in the Best Actor award at 31st Alexandria Film Festival for Mediterranean Countries for his role in the Palestinian feature Mars at Sunrise by director Jessica Habie. The award was handed to Palestinian Rashid Masharawi.

Alongside this gratifying win, Mars at Sunrise has also reaped the Best Artistic Achievement award at the festival's Long Films competition. The award was like wise handed to Rashid Masharawi.

Mars at Sunrise recounts the story of war against imagination by tracking the life of a Palestinian artist who was subjected to severe torment to make kill his creativity.

A Palestinian native who was born and raised in Nazareth, Ali Suleiman began his acting career at the age of 15. He studied acting in Yoram Loewenste in Acting School (2000) and landed his acting debut in Chronicle of a Disappearance by director Elia Suleiman(1996). Suleiman gave a unique performance in The Syrian Bride (2004), however, his career truly began with Paradise Now, the first Arab film nominated for an Oscar in 2005 and recipient of a Golden Globe award. He then went on building up an impressive oeuvre that established him as one of the region's most sought-after leading actors.

Suleiman hit his stride at the international filmmaking scene adding to his acting repertoire, alongside his regional appearances, sizeable roles in more than 40 films- including Hollywood productions and European films. In recognition to his acting talent, Suleiman received the Best Actor Award in Dubai International Film Festival (2011) and Best Actor award in Carthage Film Festival (2012).