release date August 17 2017
Ali, the Goat and Ibrahim and The Curve Participate in AFAC Film Week
Distributed by MAD Solutions, director Sherif El Bendary's film Ali, the Goat and Ibrahim and director Rifqi Assaf's film The Curve will be taking part in the AFAC Film Week in Khartoum, Sudan (17-24 August). The AFAC Film Week is organized by the Sudan Film Factory, an independent platform, launched in 2010, and aims at reviving independent filmmaking as well as developing the infrastructure of filmmaking in Sudan.

The Sudan Film Factory is an independent cultural organization that aims at qualifying and building up the capacities of young Sudanese talents, producing films and exposing Sudanese audience to filmmaking and cinema. The institute serves as an umbrella for a range of activities in the field of filmmaking, filling the current gap in Sudan and supporting a qualified training program to develop the cultural infrastructure of filmmaking. The Arab Short Films Evening is a section of short film screenings that is held monthly at the institute's headquarters within a unique and wide-ranging programme of a list of the best films from all over the world.

About Ali, the Goat and Ibrahim

It is the first Arab film to be screened within the DIFF 365@VOX initiative at VOX Cinemas at Mall of the Emirates. The film's world premiere was held at the 2016 Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF), where it competed within the Muhr Feature competition and Ali Sobhi won the Best Actor Award for his role in the film. Most recently, director Sherif El Bendary's debut feature Ali, the Goat and Ibrahim took part in the Mons International Love Film Festival in Belgium, making its outside the Arab world premiere, besides its participation in the 19th Rendez-Vous with French Cinema in Paris (January 12 - 16). The film won three awards during its participation in the Final Cut Workshop at the Venice International Film Festival.

Ali, the Goat and Ibrahim follows a strange love story of a young man living in a rough neighborhood. He travels across Egypt on the recommendation of a psychic along with Ibrahim who is almost driven mad by the voices he hears in his head. Their journey turns into a voyage of friendship and self-discovery.

Ali, The Goat and Ibrahim introduces two acting prodigies; Ali Sobhi (Ein Shams - 2009) and Ahmed Magdy (The Gate of Departure - 2014), who star alongside Salwa Mohamed Aly and Nahed El Sebai.

Directed by Sherif El Bendary, Ali, The Goat and Ibrahim is written by Ahmed Amer, based on Ibrahim El Batout's story and is produced by Mohamed Hefzy's Film Clinic, Transit Films of Hossam Elouan, and the French film production company Arizona Productions, along with Daniel Ziskind as Associate Producer. The film's distribution in the Arab world is jointly handled by MAD Solutions and Film Clinic-Indie Distribution (FCID), while its worldwide distribution is handled by the French sales agent Loco Films.

About The Curve

Most recently, The Curve by Jordanian director Rifqi Assaf has been screened at the AFAC Film Week in Morocco. Last May, Palestinian star Ashraf Barhoum won the Golden Reel Award for Best Actor at the Tiburon International Film Festival (TIFF) in California, USA for his role in the film. The TIFF marks the film's second participation at American festivals as it took part in Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF).

The Curve is about Radi, who leads a reclusive life in his own van and finds himself on a road trip with three strangers that alters his clockwork and very private lifestyle. Written and directed by Rifqi Assaf, The Curve stars Palestinian star Ashraf Barhoum, Syrian actress Fatina Layla, Lebanese actor Mazen Moadam and Jordanian actor Ashraf Telfah.

The film landed its world premiere at the 12th Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF) within the Muhr Feature Competition. The Curve made its European premiere at the East End Film Festival (EEFF) in the UK. Most recently, the film opened the 6th edition of the Arab Film Festival in Amman.

The film is a joint production between Jordanian Rula Nasser (The Imaginarium Films), Egyptian Mohamed Hefzy (Film Clinic) and French Xénia Maingo(Eaux Vives Productions). MAD Distribution handles the film's distribution and marketing worldwide.

Screening Times of the AFAC Film Week in Khartoum
Ali, the Goat And Ibrahim: Friday, August 18, at 8 pm
The Curve: Saturday, August 20, at 20 pm