release date August 26 2013
Al Badawy: New Century Continues Filming Al Ashash as Part of Their Commitment to Filmmaking
Ahmed Badawy, New Century (Dollar Film)'s General Manager, has stated that despite the terrorism taking place across Egypt, the company has decided to continue filming Al Ashash immediately following a short period of interruption. This step comes as part of New Century's commitment to the contribution to filmmaking in Egypt, because the suspension of numerous film projects could take its toll on the industry and eventually spread unemployment.

Badawy stated that New Century has produced a large number of successful films that have strongly competed in the film market, as the company's policy aims to produce films that don't underestimate the mentality of the audience, and bring back the Egyptian family the pleasure of enjoying respectable works.

This has been prevalent in the company's recent productions that have received several awards from Egyptian and international film festivals. Those works included the films 678 and Asmaa, in addition to several other works, most recent of them being Nazareyet Amety, which is currently showing in Egyptian theaters with a widespread success.

Ahmed Badawy revealed that the shooting of Al Ashash is taking place in the Egyptian Media Production City within the time limit of the curfew imposed nowadays. The film is set to be released in Egyptian theaters during Eid Al Adha celebrations.

Directed by Ismail Farouk, the film stars Mohamed Farrag, Salah Abdullah, Dalal Abdel Aziz amongst other noteworthy celebrities.

Written by Mohamed Samir Mabrouk, Al Ashash tells the story of a fugitive charged with murder. Mohammed meets a folklore dancer, played by Horria Farghali, who helps him to escape. Outdoor scenes will be shot between Alexandria and Aswan.