release date May 20 2013
Ahmed Badawy Appointed as New Century's General Manager
New Century (Dollar Film) announced that Ahmed Badawy Mostafa is appointed as the General Manager atDollar Film, New Century's production branch, as well New Century's Cinemas.

Ahmed Badawy Mostafa has worked as a producer in several projects, namely: Al Alamy, Al ThalasaYasht3'lounha, Al Shawk, 365 Youm Sa'ada, Asmaa, After the Battle, Gedo Habibi, and Nazareyt Amety. The last four films were produced by New Century.

The company has announced recently that the shooting of Nazareyt Amety has just been wrapped up. Written by Omar Taher, the film is directed by Akram Farid, and stars Horria Farghaly, Hassan El Raddad, Hassan Hosni, and Lebleba. Nazareyt Amety tells the story of a young woman in search for her prince charming in accordance with her aunt's theory of love and matchmaking.

Ahmed Badawy Mostafa started his career as an Assistant Producer in Films like El Kafir & Hobak Nar with several film production houses. He worked as a Production Manager in many films such as YaccubianBuiding,A'an Al Shawk We Al Hawa, Al Torbini, Esabet Doctor Omar, Joopa, Ghorfa 707, The Baby dollNight, and Dada Doudy. He has also worked in TV shows and advertisements as an Aassistant Producer, Producer & Production Manager.