release date October 11 2016
Ahmad Al Morsy Tops The Looks of ALEXA Video
DOP Ahmad Al Morsy topped The Looks of ALEXA video, which uses a showreel of the best works that have been shot using ALEXA cameras. The video opens with scenes from Al Morsy's
You Are the Solution ad campaign, which was released in Ramadan 2016 for the Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy within the national initiative to rationalize the consumption of electricity.

The Looks of ALEXA is by ARRI, the world's largest manufacturer of professional cinematography equipment. The video also included scenes from another ad by DOP Al Morsy for Lazordi Jewelry, which was released in 2015.

The Looks of ALEXA video included scenes for great international DOPs such as Mexican DOP
Emmanuel Lubezki (The Revenant) who received the Academy Awards for the Best Achievement in Cinematography for three consecutive years (Gravity- Birdman- The Revenant), and the English DOP Roger Deakins (Sicario).

In 2015, Al Morsy's outstanding talent in cinematography made ARRI selects his projects for the Union National Bank as the main ad for its presentation at IBC Expo 2015. The ARRI ALEXA showreel featured videos that have been filmed using ALEXA cameras in 2015.

Aside from working as a DOP for more than 20 years with a filmography of more than 50 films, which received six awards, Al Morsy has become one of the key names in commercials' cinematography in the Arab world. He has under his belt more than 1000 ads for an array of clients in the Arab world and beyond, including; Egypt, Morocco, UAE, Jordon, Lebanon, Spain, UK, and France.