release date September 21 2023
Actors Youssef Wahby and Ahmed Abdelhamid join MAD Rising
Dear members of the Arab Press,
Kindly be informed that actors Youssef Wahby and Ahmed Abdelhamid have now joined MAD Rising’s clientele. Therefore, the company is now their exclusive official representative and management agency across the Arab world for all media outlets, production companies, and advertising agencies.
For interviews, information, photos, news verification, or any type of communication (contracts, deals, endorsements, etc.) with Youssef Wahby and Ahmed Abdelhamid, please contact us at:,
Ahmed Abdelhamid 
He is an up-and-coming Egyptian actor born in 1993. He studied at the Faculty of Mass Communication of the University of Modern Sciences and Arts and took acting classes and workshops in Egypt and the US.
Ahmed made his acting debut as Awad in Mohamed Diab’s critically acclaimed film CLASH in 2016. He then starred in the thriller film THE NILE HILTON INCIDENT in 2017 before moving on to star in several TV series, including HAZA ALMASA', season 2 of AL GAMA'A, TAYE'E, AL PRINCE, EL QAHERA: KABUL, and NASL EL AGHRAB.
More recently, Abdelhamid starred as Shenouda in Marwan Hamed’s KIRA & EL GIN — which is the second-highest-grossing film in the history of Egyptian cinema — and participated in the award-winning Ramadan 2022 series JAZEERAT GHAMAM. Finally, in the 2023 Ramadan season, Ahmed starred opposite Mona Zaki in the critically-acclaimed series TAHT EL WESAYA.
Youssef Wahby 
He is an Egyptian actor who graduated from the AUC’s School of Business with a bachelor's in marketing before deciding to pursue a career in acting, enrolling in several acting courses to hone his skills — including one taught by Luke and Ramsi Leiner and another by renowned acting coach Gerald James.
He first caught audiences’ attention in Shahid’s top-viewed series LEIH LAA?!, in which he played Omar — a university student with feelings for his classmate Yasmine, who doesn’t feel the same way. This one-sided love and Wahby’s convincing performance stirred audiences’ empathy for his character, allowing them to connect with him. 
Aside from LEIH LAA?!, Wahby starred Nelly Karim, Salah Abdallah, Aida Riyad, Moataz Hesham, Nadine, and Ahmed Tarek, with Nadine Khan helming the series that was written by Mariam Naoum’s Sard Workshop and scripted by Sarah El-Tobgy, Salma Abdelwahab, Iman Saleh, and Pola Thabet. 
Wahby also made a memorable appearance in the first season of the smash hit family series MAWDOU AELI, in which he played the role of a university student who is also one of Rana Raeis’s friends. The hit series starred Maged El-Kedwany, Mohamed Shahin, Taha Desouky, and Sama Ibrahim. 
His most anticipated work is the upcoming film EL HAREEFA, in which he stars alongside Nour El-Nabawy, Ahmed Ghozzi, and Youssef Omar, with Raouf El-Sayed helming the film.