release date October 22 2017
A Number of Public Figures and Filmmakers Attend the Honoring Ceremony of Distributor Antoine Zeind
Yesterday, Stars Cinema witnessed the honoring of Distributor Antoine Zeind among a number of public figures and key names in the film industry who watched director Maggie Anwar's documentary film The Distributor that follows Zeind's career. Ahead of the screening of the film, a panel discussion was held and moderated by Film Critic Khaled Mahmoud and speakers; Chady Zeind, CEO and Sales Manager of United Motion Pictures (UMP) and Film Analyst Alaa Karkouti, CEO of MAD Solutions and Co-founder of the Arab Cinema Center (ACC), in addition to the film's director Maggie Anwar.

Among the filmmakers who were in attendance are Producer Mohamed Hefzy, director Tamer Hamza, writer Hani Sarhan and director Maggie Morgan.

Written and directed by Maggie Anwar who also contributed in producing the film with Hisham Selim, The Distributor is one of the classic works by producer and director Maggie Anwar. It belongs to her series that honors important artistic icons who have influenced the world of cinema through their effective role in the history of the film industry by producing a documentary film that portrays the career and life history of every icon, including their achievements and the challenges they faced. It is a series that depends on the hero himself and not on other people documenting his life journey.

Antoine Zeind is a specialized in the distribution of American films in Egypt for more than half a century,and his long and rich career could be used to demonstrate the relationship between Egypt's society and the cinema, and the society of Egypt, both in the cinema's periods of prospering and declining.Antoine recalls that saying, "I have been working in cinema for more than 55 years. Only those who have a passion for distribution can work in the field. I think I have visited all of the Egyptian cities in the provinces during my travels as a distributor. I had to climb up the corporate ladder gradually and gain experience in all aspects of distribution."