release date May 22 2022
A Missing Dad, Car Chases and Saba Mubarak Bursting into Tears in The Official Trailer of DAUGHTERS OF ABDULRAHMAN
The official trailer of DAUGHTERS OF ABDULRAHMAN, by Zaid Abu Hamdan has just been posted on the official Facebook page of the film ahead of its release in Saudi Arabia theatres in collaboration with Rowad Media, a production and distribution company. The film is set to release in Kuwaiti theaters as of May 26 and will release in further  Arab countries soon. 
 The official trailer shows the big differences between the characters of DAUGHTERS OF ABDULRAHMAN, their fights while searching for their missing father and finally Saba Mubarak bursting into tears. The trailer also revealed car chases. 
Watch the trailer here:
Recently, the film opened the Malmo Arab Film Festival in Sweden, and won the Audience Award at San Diego Arab Film Festival, USA. Additionally, it world premiered at Cairo International Film Festival where it won the Audience Award and screened at Beirut International Women Film Festival and Red Sea International Film Festival ( Arab Spectacular Section). 
On a parallel note, DAUGHTERS OF ABDULRAHMAN received wide acclaim from critics regionally and internationally. “The film is enjoyable and the script is peppered with plenty of laughs and nice set pieces,”  Jay Weissberg wrote in The Film Verdict. While film critic Ola El Shafie described the film in ElWatan News saying, “In Arab Cinema, it is rare to find a non-Egyptian film that generates so much laughter.” Furthermore, the CIFF newsletter described the film as, “A Heart-warming ode to sisterhood in all its colorful complexities.”
The film follows the storyline of Zainab who wakes up to a shocking discovery that could defame her in the neighborhood. She quickly calls for her sister’s aid. Yet, fiery Amaal has her own secret struggle and is not having her sister Samah, who is too busy to be there. Meanwhile, Khitam tries to focus on her own mission.
Written and directed by Zaid Abu Hamdan, DAUGHTERS OF ABDULRAHMAN stars Saba Mubarak, Farah Bsaiso, Hanan Al Hilo, Mariam Al Basha, and Khalid Al Tarifi. It is produced by Pan East Media (Saba Mubarak & Aya Wuhoush), Lagoonie Film Production, Wika Peoduction and Distribution, and Arab Media Network. MAD Solutions handles the film’s distribution in the Arab world.
The film received multiple funds, including Doha Film Institute development fund, the Jordan Film Fund of the Royal Film Commission development and production funds, as well as a fund from CineGouna Platform (post-production) at El Gouna Film Festival. The film was also selected among the finalist projects at the Tribeca Film Festival - All Access program, and selected for RFC Rawi Screenwriters Lab.
Pan East Media is a Jordanian production house, established in 2011 by Saba Mubarak and Aya Wuhoush with a main objective to create a authentic audio-visual content in Jordan and to present first-rate artistic work on both regional and international levels. In 2015, Saba moved the company's headquarters to the UAE and expanded the company's services to include cultural events management, talent management and entertainment production.
Moreover, the company aims to enrich the quality of the content delivered, and throughout the years it has created and developed several scenarios for both cinema and television.
Born and raised in Amman, Jordan, Zaid Abu Hamdan holds an MFA from the New York Film Academy in Hollywood California. Zaid started his career working on international TV shows as an Assistant Director and Producer, including E! Entertainment’s coverage of the Golden Globe and Academy Awards. In addition, Zaid worked as a television reporter for Middle East Broadcast Corporation group (MBC Group) in Hollywood. He also worked on directing reality and scripted shows such as Sesame Street, a competition that shows and mentors the Arab Film Studio program at Image Nation, Abu Dhabi. Since 2009, Zaid has written and directed five award-winning and audience-acclaimed short films, including Bahiya & Mahmoud, which was the official Jordanian submission to the Academy Awards in 2012.