release date August 31 2022
A Massive Presence of Media Figures and Celebrities at the Premiere of LOST in Morocco
Moroccan film LOST, by Driss Roukhe, premiered at Megarama Cinema, Casablanca, last Wednesday night, in the presence of a massive number of media figures, celebrities, public figures, the filmmakers and the cast. The film commercially releases in cinemas as of today, in collaboration with MAD Solutions, which manages the film’s distribution in the Arab world, and Moroccan distribution company Med Film International. 
Among the attendees were members of the film’s crew (director/actor Driss Roukhe, scriptwriter Adnane Mouhejja) along with members of the cast ( Mouna R'miki, Nadia Alami, Khansa Batma, Abderrahim El Maniari, and Mohamed Al Wardi) .Additionally,  Producer À. Majdoul, Film Editor Ayoub Jaddad, DOP Luca Coassin and Music Composer Louis Manceaux were in attendance. 
Film LOST is playing in cinemas in the following 6 Moroccan cities: Casablanca (Megarama, Eden Club, Lutetia and RIF), Marrakech (Megarama and Colisee), Rabat ( Megarama and  CineAtlas), Tangier (Megarama-City Mall and Megarama-Goya), Fes (Megarama) and Tétouan (Avenida).
Described by the Canadian press as A breathtaking enjoyable experience, LOST has most certainly found its way to success and received Arab and international acclaim. 
“ It’s a film worth watching and deserves to be discussed and written about, '' explained critic Abd El Ellah Gowahry. 
While on Youm7 website, Nahed Salah wrote that it is a movie with different details and is written in coherent visual language in its cinematic translation. 
It was also praised on Artsmart website. “A movie worth watching if you value dramas that play on the mind chords, '' wrote Barry Meehan. 
While in Mahttmsr website  Dr. Walid Saif pointed that “The dynamic rhythm in the movie barely gives us the chance to relax as it takes on a journey with the protagonist to search for the truth” 
Recently, LOST has been released in Saudi cinemas, by Rowad Media for audio and visual production and distribution, marking the first Moroccan film to be commercially released in Saudi cinemas. It was screened within The Mediterranean Film Club’s programme at Cinema El Hanager, Cairo Opera House, after it had received Best Director award at Alexandria Mediterranean Countries Film Festival. LOST received the Jury award for Best Narrative Feature at Toronto Film Channel
 On another note, the film was screened at prestigious global film festivals, including Buffalo International Film Festival in USA, The Netherlands Film Festival, Rabat International Author Film Festival, Durban International Film Festival, Montreal Independent Film Festival, Abuja International Film Festival and several arab and international film festivals. 
The film follows Rania, a young woman who is a victim of a conspiracy that aims to control her, as she finds herself in the middle of an experiment implemented by people she knows nothing about for ambiguous reasons. Consequently, the experiment stripped her of her life and memories, and replaced it with another life full of chaos, despair and loss. Rania decides to set off in search of her true life. 
It was shot in Ifran, Meknes, Azrou, and Ben Smime in Morocco. Directed by Driss Roukhe who also co-wrote the script with Adnane Mouhejja, the film stars Mouna R'miki, Adnane Mouhejja, Driss Roukhe, Abderrahim El Maniari, Fatima Zahra Bennacer and Khansa Batma. MAD Solutions manages the film’s distribution in the Arab world.
Driss Roukhe is a Moroccan actor and director. He started his career by directing a series of plays with the Seven Theatre group. His acting career includes more than 50 films and series, including film BABEL with Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett and GREEN ZONE with Matt Damon. Also, he directed about 20 films and series, most notable of which are TV series; DIMA JIRAN, DAR EL GHEZLAN and ASSAFHA AlOULA (FRONT PAGE) and films; FILTER TO DRINK, BOUGHABA and ME TOO, I LOVE YOU.