release date March 02 2022
"I'm Not Lakit" Lands its World Premiere Beirut International Women Film Festival
Maria Ivanova Z’s documentary ‘I’m Not Lakit,’ will land its world premiere at the fifth edition of Beirut International Women Film Festival, which runs from March 6 to March 11, 2022.
The film follows the story of Saleh, a man who lives in an old house in the mountains near the Lebanese city of Byblos. Saleh does not belong to a family or a religious sect, in a society where such criteria define a human being. Worse, he lacks nationality and a passport, he even lacks the right to live his life as an ordinary citizen since he is labeled as a 'lakit' of unknown ancestry.. ‘I'm Not Lakit,’ written and directed by Maria Ivanova Z, is distributed throughout the Arab World by MAD Solutions.
Maria Ivanova Z is a director, screenwriter and producer with over 16 years of experience in the film industry. She graduated from the Faculty of Journalism of Moscow State University. She is the CEO of the Scoop Production film company. Her filmography includes over 100 award-winning documentaries that took part in prestigious international film festivals reaping awards. This includes ‘The Last One,’‘Sonuncu,’ ‘Muhamad,’ ‘Fleeing the War,’ and ‘Village.’ In 2021, Maria finished her debut feature “ The Anger.”