MAD Solutions Releases 3000 Nights in Iraq and Tunisia

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Expanding for a Wider Commercial Run across the Region

MAD Solutions Releases 3000 Nights in Iraq and Tunisia

Following its successful commercial release in the Arab world, MAD Solutions revealed the news of releasing Mai Masri's award-winning feature film 3000 Nights in Iraq and Tunisia on Wednesday, May 25th.

This comes after the film's successful commercial release in Palestine, Jordan and Kuwait. Starting Wednesday, May 11th, the film has been screened at Zawya Cinema in Cairo, Egypt and starting Thursday, May 12th, at Metropolis and Vox City Center in Lebanon. Set to expand for an even wider theatrical release across further Arab countries, 3000 Nights won the Youth Jury Award at the International Film Festival and Forum for Human Rights, Switzerland, and the Audience Award at The Annonay International Film Festival in France. The film's screening night was attended by more than 400 spectators, who gave an overwhelming standing-ovation that lasted for several minutes. Most recently, 3000 Nights won the Special Jury Award at Washington, DC International Film Festival (Filmfest DC).

Back in October 31st 2015, Mai Masri's film won the Meeting Point Audience Award at the 60th Valladolid International Film Festival in Spain. In less than a week following this, 3000 Nights received the Jury Award at the 8th Women's International Film and Television Showcase (The WIFTS), USA.

Since the film's world premiere at Toronto International Film Festival, 3000 Nights has been well-received in film events. The film competed at Busan International Film Festival in South Korea and had a full-house screening at BFI London Film Festival. The film was also screened in the US within at the Palm Springs International Film Festival in California.

The film had a theatrical release in Nablus and Ramallah, Palestine in January and during the premiere, director Mai Masri was awarded six honorary shields from The Ministry of Culture, An-Najah National University, The Civil Society of Nablus Governorate (CSNG), the Association of liberated Palestinian Prisoners and Al Masri Family for her efforts in supporting the Palestinian cinema.

A Palestinian co-production between France, Jordan, UAE, Qatar and Lebanon, MAD Solutions is in charge of the distribution of the film in the Arab world.

3000 Nights stars Maisa Abdelhadi, Nadera Omran, Raida Adon, Rakeen Saad, Abeer Haddad, Anahid Fayad, Haifa Al Agha, Khitam Edelbi and Hana Chamoun. The film tells the story of a Palestinian school teacher who gives birth to her son in an Israeli prison where she fights to protect him, survive and maintain hope.

Mai Masri is a Palestinian filmmaker. She studied film at UC Berkeley and San Francisco State University (USA) where she graduated with a BA degree. Her rich and extensive filmography includes many documentaries focusing on the humanity and resilience of ordinary people characterized with humanistic elements, through which she won over 60 awards at international film festivals, such as
Under the Rubble (1983), Wild Flowers: Women of South Lebanon (1986), War Generation Beirut
(1998), Children of Fire (1990), Suspended Dreams (1992), Children of Shatila (1998), Hanan Ashrawi: A Woman of her Time (1995), Frontiers of Dreams and Fears (2001), Beirut Diaries: Truth, Lies and Videos (2006) and 33 Days (2007).

Screening Avenues of 3000 Nights in Iraq and Tunisia

Empire Cinemas at Family Mall in Erbil
Al Mansour Mall in Baghdad

Cinéma Amilcar in Manar
CinéMadart in Carthage