MAD Solutions Adds 3 Films to its Arab World's Distribution Slate at Cannes Film Festival

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From Palestine to Morocco

MAD Solutions Adds 3 Films to its Arab World's Distribution Slate at Cannes Film Festival

Within the ongoing activities of Arab Cinema Center (ACC) which was held during the Film Market of Cannes Film Festival, MAD Solutions revealed 3 agreements of distributing and marketing new Arabic films; Eyes of a Thief directed by Najwa Najjar, Atlantic by Jan-Willem van Ewijk and AVE Maria by Basil Khalil.

Eyes of a Thief is a feature film written and directed by Najwa Najjar the winner of several awards stars the Algerian singer Souad Massi and the Egyptian star Khaled Abol Naga. Based on a true story during the Palestinian Intifada 2002, the film follows Tarek, the man with a dark secret who goes in search of his family and his daughter Nour after a 10-year prison sentence. During his search, he sheds light on the nature of the Palestinian community from inside and the survival and resistance options for the Arab region as a whole. Eyes of a Thief was chosen to represent Palestine at the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film 2015.

AVE MARIA by Basil Khalil, features Maria Zreik, Huda Al Imam, Shady Srour, Ruth Farhi and Maya Koren. The silent routine of 5 Nuns living in the West Bank wilderness is disturbed when an Israeli settler family breaks down right outside the convent just as the Sabbath comes into effect. AVE MARIA participated in Short Film Competition within Cannes Film Festival. Recently, and the French channel Canal + bought the French TV rights of short comic Palestinian film AVE MARIA.

Atlantic, is a joint production between the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Morocco by the Dutch director Jan-Willem van Ewijk, starring the Moroccan star Fettah Lamara, Thekla Reuten, Mohamed Majd and Jan-Willem van Ewijk. The film tells the story of Fettah, Moroccan fisherman sets off on an epic journey towards Europe on his wind surfboard. But the pursuit of dreams does not come without sacrifice.

ACC is organized by MAD Solutions, as a part of its strategy to encourage filmmaking in the Arab world and promote it even further. The ACC is a professional platform for promoting Arab cinema at international film festivals, providing Arab filmmakers with opportunities to communicate with the cinema industry all over the world through its diverse events and activities, and explore and network with the international film industry professionals, production companies' representatives, distribution slates and organizations investing in co-productions.