Jordanian Soprano Zeina Barhoum Guest on Sahret Banat Show on Ro'ya TV

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Jordanian Soprano Zeina Barhoum Guest on Sahret Banat Show on Ro'ya TV

Jordanian soprano Zeina Barhoum will be hosted as a guest on Sahret Banat TV show on Ro'ya TV on Thursday, 8 March at 10:00 pm (GMT +2). The show is presented by the trio; star Mais Hamdan, comedian Manal Awad and fashion designer Haya Awad. The episode will bring to the light a number of hot topics that interest women such as the latest fashion trends, cosmetics, cars, and their strong role in raising children.

Soprano Zeina Barhoum is preparing to present performances of Opera La Bohème during the 2nd round of the Amman Opera Festival that is set to be held early fall 2018. La Bohème is based on Henri Murger's novel, Scènes de la Vie de Bohème, a collection of vignettes portraying young bohemians living in the Latin Quarter of Paris in the 1840s. This comes following the unprecedented success of La Traviata that was held at the Roman theater downtown Amman within the first edition of the Amman Opera Festival which featured The Sichuan Philharmonic Orchestra and Jordanian musicians, Ballet dancers and actors from Jordan and abroad as well as international, regional and local talent starring in the opera.

Amman Opera Festival 2018 will be introducing "An Eye on Music in Education" which will feature a Symposiumintroducing lecturers and inspirational speakers from the local community and abroad on why it is important to develop vocational opportunities in music, its positive effect on societal behavior and the future of a culture, as well as the importance of introducing cultural literacy on a national and international level. The symposium will also announce the results from the various workshops carried out in schools in 2017 in Italy and those that will be carried out in 2018 in China and finally in Jordan in early spring. The culmination of efforts will act as an eye opener and an inspirational way forward perhaps towards tangible opportunities on entrepreneurial and educational levels. The aspiration for the official launch of this programme in 2018 is to grant a student a scholarship to study abroad.

Most recently, the Embassy of Ukraine in Jordan has awarded Zeina the Grand Prix, which she had previously won during the 2nd Taras Shevchenko International Singing Competition, where she sang, for the first time, Taras Shevchenko's popular folk song 'The Mighty Dnieper Roars and Bellows' in Arabic and Ukrainian.

Jordanian soprano Zeina Barhoum gave a performance at a venue in Somerset organized by a group known as "Ebenezer Presents" as part of the album tour that started with a big concert in China. Zeina Barhoum and Somerset artist Peter Lawrence launched their new project Alcántara Beyond the Wells: Bridging Cultures with Music and Art that is inspired by the album series Alcántara: Bridging Cultures Across the Mediterranean and Beyond. The project included an art exhibition of paintings by Barhoum and Lawrence that ran until January 31, 2018 at the Bishop's Palace in Wells, UK.

Zeina Barhoum is a classically trained soprano and founder of The Alcántara music and art series. Zeina has performed at benefits countless times for the benefit of women, children, peace and prosperity. Among her many invitations to perform, Barhoum was invited to perform at Kensington Palace in celebration of Women achievers, and for bridging cultures through the Arab International Women's Forum.

Barhoum's album Alcántara refers to the Roman stone arch bridge built in Extremadura, Spain. The title of the album reflects Zeina's dedication to building strong connections of understanding and compassion through her music. Her second album, Alcantara II was recently recorded live and launched in a concert accompanied by the Philharmonic Orchestra of Lviv and Choir lead by Conductor Lorenzo Tazzieri. Zeina obtained a BSC in Visual Communication at the American University of Sharjah.